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Everyone has to start somewhere...
Erin Valentine


Blood Status:

Ebony wood, dragon heartstring, 12" and supple

Corrie, a fawn-coloured ocicat

Nebelung Cat

A Eurasian looking girl at an average height, Erin appears to be delicate, as though the wind could blow her away. Closer inspection, however, reveals her build to be lean, strong - stronger than she lets on, though she won't be hauling logs anytime soon. Her deep-set hazel green eyes carry a strange, glittering look to them, matching the perpetual half-smile her lips are curled into. Her face is framed by long(ish), light chestnut hair, curling slightly at the ends, but she likes to keep it bound into braids at the back of her head, or into a bun to keep it out of the way.



Who, little old me? Oh, you!
Who, me? Uhm... I'm Erin! Erin Valentine, but you probably already know that since, you're here and all. Oh, you wanted my backstory! I don't know you that well... a brief one, you mean? I can do that! Maybe. Definitely. I tend to ramble a little bit though, so stop me if I go off track.

I'm not really a stranger stranger to this sort of thing, I mean, my mum and my dad are both wizards - both half-bloods, I hear people say? So that makes me a half-blood too. No, I'm not into whatever silly purity that some of my house go on about. You'd think that after You-Know-Who was - well, killed that they'd know better but nooo some people either forget or wish he was back. Ick. So getting that letter wasn't really that much of a surprise. The owl was though, it nearly ate all my cereal. So I went to Hogwarts, and here I am! Bit of a shock when the Hat put me in Slytherin. Mum and Dad were Gryffindor and Hufflepuff each, so I always guessed... you know. But it's okay!

I've been at Hogwarts for a bit, so I know most of the places here. Most places - this castle likes to keep throwing up things that you don't notice, so it keeps me on my toes. It's fun, to run around and find new things! I'm not a very spectacular student - I mean yes, I'm good at Charms and maybe potions, okay at most others... and absolutely awful at Astronomy. Something about the place makes me feel super sleepy. Look, I've nothing against learning things, but it's fun to learn and make things and have people smile! Or get distracted. Both are good.

When I'm not at classes, you can find me out near the Great Lake. Or in the Kitchens, mostly to watch the staff cook. And to steal food when I can. Feel free to say hi when you see me around! I don't bite. Or jinx. Or hex. Alright, I do sometimes, but only if they're awful and they really, really deserve it.

Player Introduction

A little peek behind the veil.
A girl-woman with a soft spot for writing, teddy bears, and pretty things. Sustained entirely on tea, books, video games, and EDM. My friend introduced me to this site, so here I am, reliving a world I fell in love with - and keep falling in love with over and over again. That being said, I do have very mixed feelings about the Fantastic Beasts franchise...

I'm not in the US time zone, so it might take me a bit to reply! Thanks :)

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