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I'm the type of girl who scares everyone away. The type of girl who everyone runs away from but I just want to be loved. Is that too much to ask?

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Hey, I'm Tessa Graves. Here's some stuff about me: Age: 18 (depends on rp) Sexuality: Pansexual Appearance: long black hair, green eyes, average height, a dark red scar running from my right cheek to the corner of my lips. Parents: Alvah Graves and Tyron Graves(deceased) Siblings: (older sister) Tara Graves(absent) (younger sister) Taylor Graves(deceased) Fears: tight spaces, heights, the dark, losing the people I love Background Info: My older sister left five years ago because of me. We were sisters and best friends, but I was getting bullied a lot, and I took my frustration out on her. I yelled and fought about the tiniest things. I knew I had hurt her, but by then, it was too late. She had already left. My younger sister died in a car accident two years ago. I was the one driving. The accident left me with a dark red scar running from my right cheek to the corner of my lips. The car accident has also left me with nightmares and headaches (If you want to know more about my backstory, I have a book called That Invisible Line in the library.) Personality: Tessa doesn't open up to people easily because she fears that either they'll hurt her or she'll hurt them, and lose them like she lost her older sister, so she's not a very open person. She generally keeps to herself. In simple words, she's a HUGE introvert. If she does manage to open up to someone, she is loyal and caring. The accident that killed her younger sister left Tessa with nightmares that she gets every night, and headaches that come now and then, lasting for about two hours. She's good at hiding the pain, but she can become irritated at the smallest of things if she's experiencing a headache. MY STARTERS 1. (open rp, any genre) Tessa leaned against the cold wall, her hands shaky. It had been weeks, and no one had come to save her. No one. The last bit of hope in her faded. She took a deep breath, trying to keep herself together. She heard the old wooden door open. Knowing who it was, she turned away, pushing back her knotted black hair. "What do you want now?" she mumbled, her voice hoarse. 2. (starter) She walked through the crowd, trying to lose the man who was following her. She walked next to someone. "Please act like you know me." she said quietly. She knew the man won't try anything if she was with someone. 3. (open rp)A 19-year old girl walks in a straight line down a long hallway, her white clothes and expression identical to the girls walking single file in front of her, their eyes fixated on the door at the end of the hallway: the door where they would get their new assignment. The assignment that changes every month. The girl, Tessa, pressed her thumb onto the scanner next to the door. She walked in, finding a long table with five people spaced out evenly behind it. She walked to the person at the end of the table, each one giving her the information for her next target. She was an assassin. Their best assassin. Their deadliest weapon. She looked at the picture of her target and smiled. This wasn’t going to be easy, and she liked challenges. A week later, after perfecting her already perfected skills, she walked out of the tall white building where she had lived most of her life. She walked in the busiest part of New York. Her eyes, which were programmed to find her target, scanned the area. She smiled when they located the target. She started following them, keeping a safe distance. 4. Tessa walked to the cemetery, the autumn leaves crunching beneath her boots. She sat in front of her mother's grave, taking out a small knife. She bounced it between her hands for a minute, pausing then scratching off the words loving mother from the grave, not stopping until the words are not legible. She heard footsteps behind her and turned around, saying, "Don't worry, my mother won't care, she's dead." 5. Tessa entered the bar, her hood concealing her black hair and green eyes. She looked around, searching for someone. Spotting them, she sat opposite them. "You better have a good reason as to why you wanted to meet here," she mumbled, waving away the waiter. She pulled her hood back slightly, revealing her pale face, decorated with a dark red scar running from the middle of her right cheek to the corner of her lips. "Start talking," she said, sitting back. 6. Tessa ran through the empty dark streets, trying to lose her pursuer. She ran into an alleyway and hid in the shadows. Seeing the man who was chasing her run by, she breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, she froze, realizing someone was silently sitting next to her. 7. Tessa entered the bar, sitting down, and ordering a whiskey. When it arrived, she downed it in one gulp. Suddenly, the world started to spin. Her vision started to go black. The world goes silent. Tessa cursed. Someone must have mixed something in there. She should've been more careful, especially because of the line of work she was in. Tessa saw someone rushing over to her just before her head hits the table and the world goes black. 8.. I look at the three guys who surround me, their eyes gleaming. "Leave me alone, please." I plead. The middle one, the tallest, smilies darkly. "You rejected me, how can I leave you alone? I'm going to make you suffer until you wish you were dead." I look at them, my eyes watering. "Please, leave me alone, "I whisper. One of them hits me over the head, and I black out. When I wake up, I'm still lying there, but I'm alone. I see bruises all over my arms. I pull myself over to the wall and try to stand up, but I come crashing down to the floor again, pain shooting through me. I lean against the wall, trying to get up, but each time I try, I feel more pain. Suddenly, I hear someone's voice. 9. Like every other morning, Tessa got on the bus and sat down, headed to work. She worked as a waitress at a restaurant in town. As they passed the train station, she kept her head down, focusing on her jeans instead. She forced down the memories of last year, the sounds of screams echoing in her head. She had been in a train crash a year earlier. She was the only survivor. People occasionally came up to her, asking what it was like being a survivor. She lied. She said it was normal. It wasn't. She still flinched at sudden noises, her heartbeat quickened every time she hears a loud voice. Now, as she sat quietly, she felt the seat beside her sink. Tessa looked over at whoever chose to sit next to her. 10. (romance rp, reply in owls or on here) Tessa ran through the forest, dodging branches and tree roots. Her feet were starting to bleed, but she couldn't stop. If she stopped, they'd catch her, and she couldn't let that happen. Glancing behind her, she didn't see anyone, but she heard them. She kept running, trying to stay silent. She glanced behind her one more time, and a split second later, she felt herself slip into mud, her head making contact with a rock. The world spun. Tessa struggled to stay silent in response to the exploding pain. Then she noticed a blurry figure coming towards her. She clamped a hand over her mouth, trying to stay silent. She tried to get up, but her vision went black 11. (romance rp, mafia, reply in owls)Tessa ran into an alleyway, hiding in the shadows. She knew what she's just done would cost her, but she didn't care. She knew that punching a mafia leader would not end well, but she had done it anyway. She chuckled to herself, remembering the look on his face. Once she thought the coast was clear, she jogged out of the alleyway, only to get yanked back. She tried to scream, but whoever it was clamped a hand over her mouth. She stopped struggling, trying to figure out an escape route. The person stepped back, freeing her. Tessa was about to run but paused when the person spoke. 12. Tessa walks out of the bar, her tears blurring her vision. She had just seen her boyfriend with someone, and she was angry. No, she wasn't angry. She wanted to be angry, but instead, all she felt was sad. She wiped her tears away angrily and accidentally bumped into someone. "I'm sorry," she mumbles, starting to walk past them. 13. (romance rp, reply in owls or on here) Tessa walked into her apartment, expecting it to be empty. instead, she found a stranger sitting on her couch. Well, she wished it was a stranger instead of the person she despised. "What are you doing here?" she asks, crossing her arms over her chest while waiting for an answer. 14 (romance rp, reply in owls or on here) Tessa looked at the person sitting next to her at the crowded cafe, realizing they looked familiar. They were the same person she had bumped into several times before, but they hadn't spoken at all to each other. She sighed before speaking. "So...we meet again. You know, I'm starting to believe you're following me." She joked, chuckling. 15. Tessa sat up, blinking as the initial disorientation passed. She looked around, realizing she was in her apartment. She realized that and her name were the only things she could remember about herself. Feeling panic starting to set in, she forced herself to calm down and got up, looking for clues about her life. One of the photos caught her eye and she picked it up, examining it. It was her and someone else. Tessa herself was laughing while the person was kissing her cheek. They both looked really happy. Tessa tried to remember who the person was, but before she could, the doorbell rang. Tessa put the photo down, walking to the door. Opening it, she saw the same person she saw earlier in the photo. "Um, hey," Tessa said quietly. "Come on in." She added, stepping aside so they could walk in. 16. Tessa watched in horror as her sister was dragged away from her, screaming and yelling. Tessa struggled to get out of her captor’s grasp, but his grip was like iron. Tears started to roll down her face as her sister was dragged out of the room. “Why are you doing this?” she whispered, collapsing to the floor. “Because you failed. You failed the mission you were supposed to complete. You spared your target, and that is unacceptable!” he screamed furiously. Tessa’s mind flashed back to six months earlier, when she had been assigned to kill one of the rival mafia leaders. Six months earlier- Tessa walked into the alleyway, glancing around as she waited for someone. That someone was a mafia leader. The leader of a rival mafia, to be exact. No one knew that Tessa was associated with any mafia at all, which made her the perfect person for this mission. 17. (fake relationship rp, mxf or fxf, owl me a reply)Tessa walked through the halls of the high school, occasionally getting pushed around by the students around her. She was a bit nervous about what she was about to do. She was about to ask a huge favor from someone she barely knew, someone who was the most popular kid in the school. She was about to ask them if they could be in a fake relationship with her for about a month. She knew it could go horribly wrong, but she had nothing to lose. Her reputation was already as bad as it could get, and her grades were probably the worst in the school. She shifted her backpack on her shoulders anxiously as she walked closer to the person. "Um. . .hey, can I talk to you for a few minutes?" she asked. 18. (fake relationship rp, mxf or fxf,) Tessa walked to the library, sitting next to someone. She knew them, but not very much since they didn't talk outside of the math class they had together. "Hey, so. . .I need to ask you something." Tessa said quietly, taking out her math textbook and notebook as she waited.

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