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•'When life gives you melons, you're dyslexic' •“If history repeats itself, I am so getting a dinosaur!”

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Emilia Lestrange House: Slytherin. Gender: Female. Relationship: Single. Sexuality: Straight. Boggart: Seeing enemies, and friends dead. Patronus: Buzzard. Personality: Mysterious, strategic, cunning, ambitious. Nicknames: Em, Millie, Lia, Emmy, Lelia, Les, Mila, Evil Emilia (If you know me enough), Dr. Emilia. Animagus form: Wolf. Wand: Thunderbird tail feather, yew wood, 11". Pet: A snowy owl. Snowflake. I am an Occlumens. So, everyone has a signature spell, Harry Potter has the Disarming charm, Voldemort has the Killing curse, mine is the Cruciatus curse. Friends: Hollis, she's my best friend. Thank you for always being there for me! Steluvius Black, he is annoying, but kind. Tyler Granger-Black, we were friends since I joined HiH. Hermione Granger, always the best!

<summary>Favourite Harry Potter quotes</summary>
Favourite Harry Potter quotes: Fantastic Beasts quotes: My brothers... my sisters. The clock is ticking faster. My dream, we who live, for truth, for love. The moment has come, to take our rightful place... in the world, where we wizards... are free.' Grindelwald </details>

Future occupation: Auror, Breeder, Curse-Breaker, Dragonologist, or Maziologist. Relatives: Steluvius Black (Cousin), Hermione Potter Granger (Distant relative, she's Stel's niece) Cho (She's Stel's niece too. So where's distant relatives) And many other relatives (The Lestrange family is sooo big) ----------

Ocs: Olivia Black. House: Slytherin. Appearance: black hair, and grey eyes. Pets: Screech owl. Wand: Thestral tail hair, 10 ", cherry. She is known as the Death Eaters' daughter, her parents were famous Death Eaters, but they were killed, she lived with her father's cousin, Narcissa Malfoy (née Black) The Sorting Hat wanted to put her in Hufflepuff, saying that Slytherins were Death Eaters, and that she was going to become a Death Eater if she was sorted into Slytherin, but the Hat sorted her into Slytherin, at least. -------<details>
<summary>Percy Jackson OCs</summary>
Name: Elena De Luca. Godly parent: Hades. Sexuality: Bisexual. Weapons: Stygian Iron sword, and a Celestial Bronze knife. Description: Dark blue eyes, and black hair. Roleplay starters: 1-Elena had her worst dream since she came to Camp, apparently, it was about the future. She was surrounded by a bunch of Scythian Dracaena, standing next to her were two person she never met, and it looked like they were about to die. Then she heard a voice laughing, and the dream changed, she was standing in front the Empire State Building, the Entrance to Olympus, a dozen skeleton warriors with swords and guns walked toward the building, and the earth was shaking. Then Elena woke up, It was just a dream, she thought, she stood up, took her sword and walked out of her cabin. Chiron said that she was a powerful half-blood, and her smell would attract monsters, so she stayed at Camp year-round and trained, and she couldn't even go on quests. Elena almost jumped when she heard a twig snap. 2- Elena was sitting cross-legged on Half-Blood Hill, looking at the strawberry fields, the Big house and the cabins, she never thought she'd miss camp so much; she had decided she wanted to leave, and fight monsters in the real world. She turned to go, but then she heard footsteps, and someone calling her name. 3- Elena walked to the amphitheater, and sat in the shadows, away from everyone, some campers tried to comfort her; she'd just received her prophecy. She sighed, the prophecy echoing in her mind. She stood up, and walked to her cabin, she laid on her bed for few minutes, and dozed off. Her dream started like this: She was looking at her reflection in the River Styx, spirits of the dead floated past her, and the scene changed. She was surrounded by ice sculptures, her hands were frozen, she heard someone laughing, "How are you going to escape from your death this time, Half-Blood?" a voice boomed. Elena woke up, her face was pale, she stood up, rubbed her eyes, and walked out of the cabin, the sun was rising, she sighed, "Only one day to the quest" she grumbled. 4- Elena was walking down a dark alley, she was wearing jeans, a black jacket over an orange Camp HalfBlood T-shirt, and her Camp necklace, she had seven beads, one for every year she spent at Camp. She looked at a shop, and tried to read the text written in cursive, but it looked like meaningless spaghetti, since she was a dyslexic like most halfbloods, she sighed, "I must find this halfblood." She had the feeling she was being followed, but she was used to it, the Hunters of Artemis always tried to convince her, 'Eternal maidenhood, and a boys-free tomorrow!' they had said, Elena almost joined them, but she couldn't run away from her prophecy, it just wasn't right. She looked around her,"Show yourself" she hissed, her Stygian Iron sword appeared in her hand, it had a handle shaped like a skull. Eric Martinez Godly parent: Hephaestus. Sexuality: Straight. Weapons: Celestial Bronze sword, and an Imperial gold knife. Description: Dark Brown hair, and brown eyes. Rp starters: 1-Eric was sitting cross-legged on his bed in the Hephaestus cabin, he was wearing a green T-shirt, and camouflage pants, he had dark circles under his eyes and his hair was tousled. He looked at an automaton he made few days ago, it looked like a mockingbird, with metal feathers, glowing eyes, and a Celestial Bronze beak. Eric ran a hand through his hair, and looked at the automaton, it chirped, and the pieces fell apart. He sighed, and took a screwdriver from his pocket. Then someone walked into the cabin. 2-Eric looked at the flames, he just came back from his abuela Alejandra's house, he spent the school year looking for his mom, but he couldn't find her. And the dreams...if they were real, and his mom was really in the Underworld... He shook his head, and put the red hot blade in the water, it made a hissing sound, he put the sword back in the fire. A halfblood walked into the armory, looking for a weapon. <color=green> Norse demigods: Ryan Davis Godly parent: Loki Abilities: Shape shifting, detecting monsters and magic. Weapons: A chain that turns into a sword called Ulfrbrandr. Personality: Ambrovert, creative, critical, rebellious. Birthday: May 28th RP starters: 1-(I made a starter of four pages long, I'm gonna put it here when I have more time) 2-Ryan was tired of her mates' insults, an einherji convinced the others that she was untrustworthy, being a child of Loki. She gripped her sword, Ulfbrandr, and stormed out of the room, the other einherjar laughing behind her. She walked to the elevator, and clicked on the button to floor nineteen. When the doors opened, she trudged to her room, and slammed the doors behind her. The atrium was a field of flowers with an old willow tree in the middle, and smaller trees surrounding it. There were two rooms on each side, the bedroom had green walls and a pink bed, the bathroom had beige walls, a closet, a bathtub and a toilet. The living room had a fireplace, a leather chair, a shelf full of books and photos, and a big screen TV. Ryan sighed, and walked to the kitchen. She prepared a cup of coffee, walked to the atrium, and leaned against the tree, sipping coffee, and looked at the view from her room. She stayed like that for the whole night, she would occasionally walk to the kitchen to make another cup of coffee, by dawn she was drinking her ninth cup of coffee. She thought about the time when Loki, her father, had visited her few months ago, just hours after her death, he had told her that if she didn't help him, he was going to make her suffer by killing everyone she cared about, and he had already proved it... Ryan blinked, the view from her room shifted, she was looking at a moutaintop covered with snow, the sun rising behind it. She heard a knock, and the door opened, someone stepped in. Ryan was too tired to say anyhting, she tugged at her sweater nervously, and sipped more coffee. 3-Ryan was getting ready for the fight, she was wearing a leather jacket over her grey sweater and a Hotel Valhalla T-shirt, a red scarf, black jeans and trainers. She looked at her reflection in the mirror, and tried to form a plan, but her only thought was: 'Run away from dragons and einherjar, and try not to get killed.' "I'm ready for this," she muttered, she walked to the elevator, a Viking version of 'Fly Me To The Moon' started playing, Ryan fiddled with the chain in her pocket, she remembered last Thursday when she got decapitated by a Lindworm, she shuddered. Ryan stepped out of the elevator, and walked to the arena, she heard a conch horn in the distance, and einherjar charged with different battle cries, like "For Flam!" or "For Thor" Ryan silently hummed a song, she took her chain from her pocket, it turned into her sword, ulfbrandr. Ryan shifted to male form, and walked around the arena, dodging arrows and axes. He looked at a dragon and grinned, the dragon was flying toward him, Ryan's sword turned into a chain again, and Ryan shape-shifted into an eagle, he flew toward the dragon, and turned back to human form, and took Ulfbrandr, he found a chink in the dragon's armor, and stabbed. The dragon dissolved, and Ryan fell, he hit the ground hard, he heard a loud crack, it was probably his ribs, he groaned, and sat down, he felt something like acid in his chest. An ax hurtled past him, almost decapitating him, he hid behind a tree, then he realized someone was already there. </details><color=green><details>
Hunger Games OCs Quin McCann Looks like: short black and red hair, with Heterochromia Iridium. (Blue and brown) Weapons: A bow and arrow, and small knifes. Personnality: Calm, ambitious, introverted. No starters yet.</details>. Fandoms I rp for: Dream SMP Percy Jackson Harry Potter Hunger Games Gone (I just finished the 1st book) <iframe src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/194375690&color=%23ff5500&auto_play=true&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&show_teaser=true&visual=true" width="100%" height="300" frameborder="no" scrolling="no"></iframe>

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