Welcome to Herbology 301

My name is Matthew Aspen, or Professor Aspen for short, and I am glad to give you all a very warm welcome to this course. My PAs and myself expect great things from you, so we are eager to see you all "grow" in the greenhouses. However, we would like you to read the following information about the course before enrolling in it:

1-Whenever you submit an assignment, it goes to our queue. We usually grade them quickly, but sometimes this is not possible due to many factors. That is why we would like you to be patient and rest assure that your assignments will be graded shortly.

2-The Herbology Team is more than happy to receive your questions about the course. Please do so in a formal and respectful manner, and your queries will be answered quickly.

3-Even though we are professionals and enjoy what we do, we are also prone to make mistakes. If you believe that an assignment has not been fairly graded, please send Professor Aspen an owl as soon as possible, outlining your reasons why you believe so, together with the ID number of your assignment. Remember that appeals are evaluated and they can have positive or negative replies, meaning that your grade might change for good or for bad. Bear this in mind when you contact me about such topic.

4-All assignments can be retaken if you get less than 70% in them.

5-By the 25th July, 2021, the "resubmission" system for HERB301 will suffer several changes. The following assignments will be the only ones available for retakes after such date (it is important to resubmit your assignments before that date if you have any resubmissions of assignments that are not included in the following list):

-Plant Diary and Project (Lesson 1)

-Practical: Bubotuber Pus (Lesson 4)

-Asian Agri-culture (Lesson 6)

-Rainforest Research (Lesson 7)

-African Herbs (Lesson 8)

-Blooms in Books (Lesson 9)

Year Three, Lesson OneA Helping Herb WelcomeHello, students! I’m glad to see you all back to join me in Year Three of Herbology. Over the last few years, we have been building up your knowledge of the basics: safety concerns, basic definitions, as well as how to care for your plants. Now tha…
Year Three, Lesson TwoA Helping Herb IntroductionToday we’re back for another look at how plants and herbology can be used in healing. For the first part of the lesson, we will be clearing up any confusion you might have about the differences between an herbal remedy and what you study in po…
Year Three, Lesson ThreeA Helping Herb IntroductionGood morning, class! Today we are going to talk about different kinds of preparations -- a term that has been thrown around before, but that we have not delved into much. I hope you are well-prepared! First, we will focus on a few specific types o…
Year Three, Lesson FourA Helping Herb IntroductionHello, students! I hope you had a lovely time exploring the intricacies of herbal preparations last week. Now that we have all the warnings and definitions out of the way, we can finally begin to discuss specifics! Today we will be looking at a top…
Year Three, Lesson FiveA Helping Herb IntroductionHello everyone, welcome back for another week of Herbology class! We are continuing our trip through time and across the world, this week focusing on the expanse of North America. We will then take a peek at the particulars and growing specificat…
Year Three, Lesson SixA Helping Herb IntroductionThis week we will be looking at the history of herbologists in Asia, their past discoveries, and overarching ideas. We have around 5,000 years of recorded traditions with which to work and study when talking about this continent. Additionally, as yo…
Year Three, Lesson SevenA Helping Herb IntroductionAh, welcome, class! No, you can put your wands away, you won’t be needing Nonperiurabus, we’re not really going into a rainforest today. Instead, we will be studying the history of herbalism in South America. I am so happy to be here t…
Year Three, Lesson EightA Helping Herb IntroductionHello again, students! I’m excited this week to talk about the vast continent of Australia with you. Yes, Australia is both a country and a continent, and it is quite large. It spans nearly three million square miles and, like many of the co…
Year Three, Lesson NineA Helping Herb IntroductionHello, students. This week -- our last lesson this year -- we will be looking at how the magical community helps the Muggle community via knowledge of herbs. Yes, I know. This lesson isn’t exactly linked with healing, is it? But that is why t…
Have you ever thought about becoming a healer? If so, then your interest may be piqued by the contents of this year. Third Year Herbology students will learn about healing herbs from around the world, as well as their uses and how to care for them.

Updated September 2019.
Course Prerequisites:
  • HERB-201

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