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Recent Groups & Roleplays



Public Roleplay • 6 Members

What if the Creepypastas went to Hogwarts?


Auror Aspirations

Private Group • 4 Members

Do you wish to be an Auror? Join our group for tips, study help, and more!


HiH Official Dance Team

Public Group • 3 Members

If you would like to audition please type your name, age, and experience of performing. Any pictures or videos are greatly appreciated! If you would like to be a captain of a certain dance team please message me your resume.


I don't know what to call this.. i'm new...

Public Roleplay • 3 Members

I'm new and making this as an experiment so idk what to really do but feel free to join and help me out i guess


French Group

Public Group • 9 Members

Sometimes there'll be a lesson or two. Feel free to hold conversations- in French or not- and don't take it too seriously!


Slytherin Dorm Room

Public Group • 6 Members

This is for Slytherins ONLY!!! Here you can just be a general Slytherin! (You can RP if you want). Have fun! Don't be House-ist (Racist to houses).


Ravenclaw Study Group

Private Group • 8 Members

Ravenclaws are diligent and hard working, let's take this to our advantage! This group will have assignment tips and motivate Ravenclaws to hand in assignments! More details in the Rules, I don't want other houses to see what were doing!


Ouran Host Club

Public Group • 29 Members

This is a lavish club where the most handsome men in Ouran, entertain lovely ladies that have too much time on their hands.


The Poetics

Public Group • 2 Members

The Poetics are for those who love writing poems, or those who just enjoy reading them. No matter which type you are, you are welcomed to join this group, specially designed for those who are obsessed with poems.


Hades Cabin

Private Group • 3 Members

The Hades cabin, I'll let you join if your a part of Camp Half-Blood and in the Hades Cabin.....(Lisa)


R.I.P Vive

Public Group • 12 Members

This is a group dedicated to quoting vines and being memes.


2018 Yule Ball Date-Finder

Public Roleplay • 61 Members

I see a lot of peoople asking for a partner. So I decided why not make a Yule ball date finder? Ask and find here! -Jane Dandrige

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