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Dorms, Groups & Roleplays

Another feature which users will be happy to see return to the site are Dorms and Groups (previously “Clubs”).

For those that don’t know, dorms operate on a house-basis - you can only be in a dorm with other people from your own house. The Dorms page can be accessed through the “Hogwarts” drop down button in the navigation bar along the top of the page. On the right hand side will be a leaderboard for your house, showing which house members (from any year) have the most house-points in total, and the main section on the left explains a bit about dorms, what they are, and how to join one.

To Join a dorm, you have three options; you can join a random dorm, pick a dorm to join from the dorm directory or create your own. Joining a random dorm is probably the best option for those who are new to the site, and want to use the dorms feature as a way of getting to know new people. Those who already have a planned group of people who they wish to be a dorm with are probably better off choosing one of the latter two options. Pick whichever suits you best!

Once you’ve joined a dorm, you have your own little section of HiH! You have your own private feed and live chat area, which only members of your dorm can see. They’re a great way of socialising with a smaller number of people, when the vastness of the feed seems a little bit too overwhelming. Privacy settings enable you to keep your dorm open for anyone who wants to join, or keep it private and hidden so that nobody else can join - it's all up to you.

The previous “Clubs” section of the site has been subdivided by popular demand into “Groups” and “Roleplays”. They function much like dorms do, with the exception that members can be from any house. You get your own internal feed and live chat like you do in dorms, as well as the ability to add your own cover photo to make your group stand out. Privacy settings function in a similar way as in dorms. However, you can be a member of multiple groups/RP groups, as opposed to just one like with dorms.

So, if you fancy joining a group of people with a similar interest as you, whether that be RP or non-RP related, take a visit to the groups/roleplays directory and see which take your fancy!

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