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The ‘House Points’ feature displays the current stats for the four houses, showing their number of members and house points alongside some more of the beautiful site art. You can also view the profiles of the Headmistress Oshiro and Deputy Headmistress Wessex here, giving you more insight to the staff and also information on how House Points are collected and the House Cup awarded.



The Leaderboards are a similar set up, displaying the leading students in terms of the House Points they've received for doing assignments. Along with their username, house, year and level of points, a link to their profile and profile picture are shown, giving us a chance to admire and appreciate the hard-working students currently at the top and befriend them in the process.

There are different leaderboards for different school years, as well, currently spanning up to Year 4. Most of the students found here are veteran HiHers, but the leaderboards are updating rapidly to show fresh HiHers rising through the ranks! So there’s a high chance, with some dedicated studying, you could find yourself on there!

The final feature to the “Hogwarts” sector is the Who’s Online? feature, which is a simple, efficient display of all the HiHers currently on the site at the moment you are viewing it. This is a great way to check if your friends are on, or to add people whose profiles you couldn’t find elsewhere. It can be very useful in the first instance, I have learnt - especially when your friends are lurking and you can’t find them!

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