Damian Burn


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Name - Damian Jason Burn
Nickname/Goes by- B.J.
Age - 16
Sexuality - Gay
Sex - Male
Looks - Dark brown wavy hair, One Blue eye one Grey eye, Tan skin
Height - 5'3
House - Slytherin
Blood Status - Says he's a pure blood but actually muggle born
Likes - Quidditch, yelling, and making fun of people (Seceretly likes music, joking around, and being dumb)
Dislikes - spiders, talking about his past and dogs (dogs is just for now)
Extra/Story- Very secretive about himself/past. Completely different around his friends. Acts tough but actually a big ole goofball. Everyone thinks i'm a pureblood but really im muggleborn. And I intend for it to stay that way. I was young when he-who-must-not-be-named rose to power, my mother died thanks to deatheaters. Now it's just my father and I since im his only son Nobody knows that either. My greatest strength is my music, but nobody knows I sing or play guitar. People find that to be Hufflepuff-like. Also why I rarely open up to people.

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