lilly swan


"quick pause in conversation she plays songs ive never heard. an old lover's hippie music pretends not to know the words."

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OC #1:
Name: Lilly Swan
Age: 17
Blood-status: Pureblood
Sexuality: Straight
Height: 5'5
Skin: Pale with lots of freckles
Hair color: Dark Brown
Hair style: Curtain bangs, flowy and long.
Eyes: Green
House Uniform:
◦ Shirt: White dress shirt.
◦ Skirt: Mini dark grey skirt
◦ Socks: Knee high black socks
◦ Shoes: Platform Mary Janes
◦ Tie: Slytherin Tie
◦ Robe: Slytherin Robe
◦ Hair: A chunky black headband
Other Outfits:
◦ Shirt: Black Cropped Shirt
◦ Skirt: Plaid Skirt
◦ Socks: Black Pantyhose
◦ Shoes: Doc Martens
Personality: Witty, Loyal, Sly, Cunning, Shrewd
Other Hogwarts Stuff:
◦ House: Slytherin
◦ Year: 6th
◦ Pets Brought: Black cat named Salem
◦ Best Class: Charms
◦ Worst Class: History of Magic
◦ Wand: Pine wood, dragon heart string, 13 3/4 inch, supple flexibility
◦ Patronus: Nebelung Cat

OC #2:
Name: Iris Darcy
Age: 16
Blood-status: Muggle-born
Sexuality: Bi
Height: 5'3
Skin: Pale
Hair color: Golden Brown (almost blonde)
Hair style: Straight (kinda fluffy) w/ wispy bangs
House Uniform:
◦ Shirt: White collard shirt
◦ Skirt: Mini dark grey skirt
◦ Socks: Knee high black socks
◦ Shoes: Platform Mary Janes
◦ Tie: Hufflepuff Tie
◦ Robe: Hufflepuff Robe
◦ Hair: Messy ponytail with her bangs out
Other Outfits:
◦ Shirt: Oversized brown jumper
◦ Skirt: Mini skirt
◦ Socks: White socks bunched down
◦ Shoes: Worn out white converse
Personality: Loyal, Silly, Funny, Shy (but once she opens up she is so loud)
Other Hogwarts Stuff:
◦ House: Hufflepuff
◦ Year: 6th
◦ Pets Brought: toad named Sock
◦ Best Class: Divination
◦ Worst Class: Transfiguration
◦ Wand: Aspen wood, unicorn hair core, 12, brittle flexibility
◦ Patronus: Fox


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