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+ . ° . ★. . ° ° . * . ★ * ★ * . ° + . ★ + ╔═══════════════════╗ ╚═══════════════════╝ ◇◆◇◆◇ Please feel free to Message this account with questions regarding the PMM! The Chief Editor, The Lead Co-Editor will get back to you as soon as they can! PMM OFFICIAL EMAIL: pottermonstermagazine@gmail.com And Welcome to the PotterMonster Magazine! ╔═══════════════════╗ ╚═══════════════════╝ Click on the Headings Below to view the full dropdown! ◇◆◇◆ - - - ~ The PMM Mod Team is working on some much needed updates for the magazine so stay tuned for those! ~ New and improved application links can be found in the PMM Links dropdown ~ Writers can now take on a new positions in the PMM - - -
<summary>PMM Quick Links</summary>
- - - QUICK LINKS: Apply To Be a Writer Join the PMM HiH Group Write a Review on the PMM Subscribe to the PMM Here Join the PMM Readers Group Here - - - Please Note that you must apply first before being accepted into the group! - - - If you are unable to access any of the links above please feel free to message this profile and we will try to fix the links! :-) - - -<details>
<summary>Check out the PMM Issues Here</summary>
The link below is a direct link to all the Issues of the Magazine: Check out all the Issues Here<details>
<summary>Issue Directory</summary>
Are you looking for a Specific Issue of Our Magazine? ~Issue #1 ~Issue #2 ~Issue #3 ~Issue #4 ~Issue #5 ~Issue #6 ~Issue #7 ~Issue #8</details></details></details>◇◆◇◆◇<details>
<summary>PotterMonster Magazine (PMM)</summary>
Do you want to be a part of an amazing group of people who share creative content with each other and with the rest of the people on Hogwarts is Here? Then come join the PotterMonster Magazine!! Check out the dropdowns below to find out more about the PMM!<details>
<summary>Who We Are</summary>
The PotterMonster Magazine is a magazine for content creators of any platform to come together and share their content and the content of other creators with the readers of our magazine.</details><details>
<summary>Why Is It Called the PotterMonster Magazine</summary>
Here at PotterMonster Magazine we take pride in the fact that we are creative souls. Some people may think that we are a little crazy or that we are “Monsters” for being creative, for being ourselves. At PotterMonster Magazine we provide a platform for which creatives all around the world can connect freely to share and spread the beauty of creativeness(and it’s not just for people who create Harry Potter content, you can create other types of content as well). Whether you are a fandom editor on Instagram, a vlogger on Youtube, a writer on Wattpad (and/or Tumblr), a photographer on PicsArt, a comedian on Twitter, or a singer/songwriter or comedian on TikTok, there is a place here for any creative soul to share their creative content and be a part of a supportive community of artists.</details><details>
The Mission of the PotterMonster Magazine is to provide a platform for content creators of all kinds to come together and share information about their creative content as well as other content creators!</details><details>
Our goal is to provide a safe space where all people (whether Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff) can come together to share their creative endeavors with others and expand their followings on social media!</details></details>◇◆◇◆◇<details>
<summary>General Rules</summary>
~In order to be in the group you yourself must~ - Be a content creator in some capacity (ie. youtuber, fandom editor, writer, photographer et. cetera) - Be respectful to everyone--> the PMM Mod Team and each other - Not use inappropriate language or behavior - Not insult our readers - Must be at least 13 years old to be a part of the PotterMonster Magazine Staff and 15 years old to be a part of the leadership team of the PotterMonster Magazine (we do make some exceptions to the age rules).</details>◇◆◇◆◇<details>
~Click on the Question to view the answer~<details>
<summary>How do I become an Intern Writer for the PMM?</summary>
Become a writer by applying at the "Apply to be a Writer" link in the PMM Links Dropdown above</details><details>
<summary>When am I done being an Intern Writer for the PMM?</summary>
When you first apply and are accepted you become an intern. You stay an intern for 4 weeks. After your internship period you become a Writer.</details><details>
<summary>How do I become a Mod Team Member?</summary>
To become a Mod Team member we ask that you first finish your 4 week Internship period all the way then you can apply to be on the Mod Team by accessing the Application Link in the Rules of the PMM Group.</details></details>◇◆◇◆◇<details>
<summary>Positions on the PMM</summary>
- - - The PMM strives to provide the most creative freedom that we can for our staff, so we have created a multitude of positions that a person could take on within the PMM! After you complete your first 4 weeks as an Intern you automatically become a writer, but if you wanted to take on an even more active role in the PMM you could apply to take on one of these positions: ~ Chief Editor ~ Editor ~ Co-Editor ~ Assignment Editor ~ Publisher ~ Ad Team Manager ~ Ad Team Member ~ Fact Checker ~ General Moderator ~ Recruiter ~ Columnist ~ Blogger - - -</details>◇◆◇◆◇<details>
<summary>PMM Mod Team</summary>
- - - **CURRENT LEADERSHIP TEAM**: Chief Editor: Coco McKinley Editor(s): Sami Harper & Shy_demons (Alex) Co-editor(s): Sofia Scamander & Joy Athenaeum Assignment Editor(s): Charlotte Borden General Moderator(s): Bridget & Violet Allerdyce Publisher(s): Anna Sayre Sub Publisher(s): Looking to Hire Ad Manager: Violet Cullen Fact Checker(s): Looking to Hire Recruiter(s): Bridget & Violet Allerdyce - - - We are in dire need of a Sub Publisher! - - We are still looking to Hire 1-2 more General Moderators, 2-3 More Recruiters, and at least 1 Fact Checker! - - -</details>◇◆◇◆◇<details>
If you put the PMM ad image or the PMM Badge (or both) into your backstory on HiH then you will automatically qualify to be a "sponsor" of the PMM and your name will be added to a "sponsors" dropdown on the PMM Main profile! Joy Athenaeum Glinda Grindelwald Lois Granger Charlotte Borden Ven Elovair Rodolfo Kayleigh Malfoy Violet Allerdyce Please DM this profile or post to our wall if you added the PMM Ad or Badge Image to your profile! A Mod that has access to this profile will check to verify that you have one or both in your backstory and then you will be added to the above Sponsors list!</details>◇◆◇◆◇ ╔═══════════════════╗ Thank you to @Aalia Nightingale for designing the cover and the ad for the PMM Profile! Dividers Design from this this Book All content shown in this Magazine belongs to their respective owners This Magazine was founded by Sami Harper in late 2020 ╚═══════════════════╝
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