Lloyd Garcia

Excelling Student

  • Joined February 2021
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 0 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • United States


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⇾Name: Lloyd Rose
⇾Birthday: May 30, 2009
⇾Zodiac: Gemini
⇾Gender: Male
⇾Age: 11 years old
<details> <summary>Friends:</summary>
Kaitlyn Lovegood
Marek Rose
Mary Rose </details>
⇾Name: Ezra Suko
⇾Face Claim:

⇾House: Gryffindor
⇾Age: 11-13
⇾Parents: Elijah and Rose Suco
⇾Siblings: Callista Suco
⇾Likes: Potions, Herbology, Writing, and Transfiguration
⇾Dislikes: Divination, Reading, Muggle Studies, and Charms
⇾Personality: Lovable, Kind, and Knowledgeable
⇾Name: Solomon Garcia
⇾Face Claim:
⇾House: Ravenclaw
⇾Age: 11-13
⇾Parents: Carina and Henry Garcia
⇾Siblings: Lani Garcia
⇾Likes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Writing, Reading, and Charms
⇾Dislikes: Bullying, Interrupting, Transfiguration, and Potions
⇾Personality: Curious and sometimes full of emotions

⇾Dash Walker
⇾Face claim:
⇾House: Ravenclaw
⇾Age: 11-13
⇾Parents: Zane and Cadence Walker
⇾Siblings: Anna and Piper Walker
⇾Likes: Transfiguration, Divination, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy
⇾Dislikes: Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, Bullying, and Reading
⇾Personality: Full of emotions, Kind, and Peaceful

⇾Takoda Ayala
⇾Face claim:

⇾House: Ravenclaw
⇾Age: 11-13
⇾Parents: Simber and Florence Ayala
⇾Siblings: Lani Alaya
⇾Likes: People, Transfiguration, Life, and Charms
⇾Dislikes: Potions, Death, Divination, and Ancient Runes
⇾Personality: Easily made happy, Kind, Peaceful

⇾Marcellus Hail
⇾Face Claim:

⇾House: Ravenclaw
⇾Age: 11-13
⇾Parents: Amber and Zane Hail
⇾Siblings: Scarlett Hail
⇾Likes: Arithmancy, Helping others, Charms, and Transfiguration
⇾Dislikes: Death, Bullying, Divination, and Lying
⇾Personality: Kind, Empathetic, and Pushy
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