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Name: Cain Riddle

Year: 6th Year ⚡️

House: Slytherin 🐍


Black Hair

Dark Brown Eyes

Wears Nice Black Suits Daily

Cain Riddle was born into a family of pure-blooded wizards in the Wizarding World. From a young age, Cain showed remarkable talent in the magical arts, particularly in the study of dark magic.

Despite his family's prestigious reputation and connections, Cain was an outcast among his peers due to his unsettling demeanor and tendency to intimidate others with his power. As he grew older, Cain became increasingly isolated and fixated on his studies, delving deeper into the dark arts and developing a desire for ultimate power.

His family, concerned with his increasingly dangerous behavior, sent Cain to study at the infamous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There, Cain quickly gained a reputation for being a skilled and formidable wizard, but his dark and brooding nature made him few friends.

As he advanced through his studies, Cain became more and more fixated on the idea of immortality, believing it to be the key to achieving ultimate power. He began experimenting with dark magic rituals and incantations in secret, searching for the ultimate solution to his obsession.

Despite warnings from his professors and the disapproval of his family, Cain continued down his path towards darkness, eventually embracing the name "Cain Riddle" as a symbol of his power and ambition.

As the years passed, rumors began to circulate about Cain Riddle's increasingly disturbing behavior, and many in the Wizarding World began to fear the rise of a new dark wizard. But Cain remained undeterred, believing that the power he sought was worth any price.

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