Hanna Marin


IRL: My twin brother Diego and I were born with autism. But I was the only twin who was born with a personality disorder.But my brother has dyslexia.

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My real name: Sasha Desiree Rodriguez

Student: Hanna Marin

House: Gryffindor

Year: 1

Patronous: Otter

Age: 13

Animagus: Labrador Retriever

Blood Purity: Pure Blood

Best friend IRL: Julian Amorosa: my sort of boyfriend( we've kissed before but we're not dating.....we might start dating)

My best friend on this site: Don't have one

Pets: A thestral named Sirius James Lucius Xenophillus Remus Marin, a hippogriff named Neville Dean Seamus Harry Draco Marin and a Snowy owl names James Sirius Albus Severous Teddy Hugo Victor Wulfric Brian Marin (I name my pets after the heroic and the imaginative people from Harry Potter)

Siblings: Mona Marin, Teddy Wulfric Marin, Victor Brian Wulfric Marin, Anyssa Ginerva Granger Weasly Marin and James Xenonpholo Brian Wulfric Marin

Wand: Alder wood 12in. Suprisingly Swishy Flexible

Backstory: I grew up in a place with 12 people in the house. My mum taught me how to use magic at a young age. With me being the oldest I had to learn to protect my siblings. She took me to Olivander's Wand Shop when I was only 4 years old. She had to get special permission from the ministry before getting me a wand. My sister Mona had to wait to get a wand until she turned 11 because she was born 2 minutes after I was. It was hard growing up in a house with 12 people. But 5 people left to be aurors so it got easier when I was growing up. With the 5 people who left it meant less people for me to protect. But when my sister Mona and I turned 6 our parents were tortured to death by deatheaters. My sister thought that we would have no chance at living because the deatheaters were forcing us to watch our parents die she thought that they were going to use the cruciatus curse on us. But they let us free. An auror that we didn't know came to our house and found me my sister and my brothers. He took us took us his home and raised us. My brothers were the only ones that night that didn't see our parents being killed. They were so lucky because they didn't have to see the fear in our parents eyes. But after that night my little brother Teddy didn't want to leave my side. The auror that saved us decided that since I already had a wand that I should go to Hogwarts early. He decided to send my brother Teddy with me. After we got to Hogwarts for 4 years of D.A.D.A training my brother started to be brave again. Then me and my sister turned 11 and got our real Hogwarts letters. After a month my brother Teddy turned 11 and he got his real letter too. The auror who took care of us was so proud. He took me and my sister and all my brothers to the ministry. He told them that he wanted to adopt all of us. After that day he met Isabella Marin and they fell in love. And she fell in love with us too. They decided to get married and we turned into a real family again. Even though we weren't with our biological parents we were still happy and we loved our new mum and our new dad.
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