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"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." -Napoleon Bonaparte

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I am a Pureblood from, no surprise, a Greek family. My forefathers came from Greece to Italy just before it was conquered by Rome, fearing that the family ability of being a Seer might endanger the family. Then they had to flee further to Spain, and then Mexico, predicting that they would at least be safe in these places. They settled down in an empty forest and erected up a magnificent mansion, a mansion that could have come straight out of Greece. It's more of a castle really, and for generations it's been called Ναός των Βλέπε, the Temple of Seers. Our mansion was enchanted with complicated wards, including blood wards, to make sure that none of the Natives found our mansion. Then, when Rome was defeated the mansion was magically transported by all those in the family to another secluded forest, now in modern-day Europe. A few of the wizards and witches involved in this were so magically exhausted that they died.
Anyways, more about me. My father is Kios Greek, and my mother is Lucretia Malfoy. I was sorted into Slytherin House, and I'm the second generation of Greeks to come to Hogwarts. Before that, us Greeks were taught at home. Some of my cousins still are taught at home (we all live in the Temple of Seers, it's that big!). I'm a True Seer, the first True Seer in my family since my Great-Grandfather Apollo. Everyone else in my family has rather weak Seeing abilities in comparison to mine. So, that's really all that there is to know about me!

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