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Hi, wall stalker! ^o^

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Alright! Hey guys! Name's nothing of any importance right now.
I've been part of this site since 12/12/17

My OC's name is Kaiden Rhodes. He's awesome XD

I also adore the anime "Yuri! On Ice", and my friend
wanted me to make this account's name Yuri, so hey! I did!

Anyway, please let me know if you wanna RP. It's something I really like doing!
Since my other account is the one I'm more active on, I might not be on as much,
but if my RP rate goes up, I think I'd be on more ;P

Alrighty! Thanks a ton!

Alrighty! Well, I guess that that's it. Hope you guys are having an amazing life!
If you want to talk or whatever I'm always here!

~ ~ ~

✪ R O L E P L A Y R U L E S ✪

* please, please no *'s. (If we're out of an RP that's all good, but not in one.)
* All my RPs, unless indicated otherwise, are open for everyone.
* Please please use good and proper gramma
* If you have only one liners, it's totally okay! I totally get into a funk with words sometimes.
* PG-13 is the highest I'll go.
* Try (it is not that hard, I promise xD) to follow the story line.
* Also, I beg you that when RPing with me your character enters the normal parameters. This means that try not to be a 1st year who is already an animagus with three different animal forms, can control the winds and the oceans, has laser eyes and can already do wandless magic (it would make me feel... not cool xD).
* Thank you, I very appreciate it :D
8 If you're interested in doing a romance RP just let me know. I'm all for it.
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