Carlos Malfoy/ Sol Wensum

Draco's twin/Negative youtuber

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Hey, I'm Carlos. Carlos Malfoy. My brother is Draco and my parents are Lucious and Narcissa. I went to Dumstrang until a little while ago, just after I'd gotten the dark mark, I learnt of the task Voldemort had set my twin brother to do. I transferred to Hogwarts, and was placed in Slytherin by the sorting hat. I look just like my brother, and wear similar fashion, spare for an obsidian talisman I wear at all times. This I found in the room of requirement, and I have found it to wield extrodinary powers when I am in deepest need. Despite the fact that I'm a death eater, I am friends with Harry Potter, and actually quite sympathetic. I'll follow back if you follow me, so I hope that's good for you guys.

Name: Sol Wensum
Hobbies: He's an enthusiastic youtuber
Hair: Reddish and long, so he ties it into a ponytail
Particular magical skill set: He is an animagus fox
Blood status: muggleborn
Sexuality: straight
I was born a son of my father and Posidon, and people like to bully me because of that. My dad couldn't keep me, so I was given foster parents, who I live with for 10 years, till I was fourteen. Then, Monsters attacked my home, and my foster parents died protecting me, because they knew who I was. I lived out on the streets for a while, before my real dad took me in, and he told me who I was. Because I lived in England, unlike other demigods, I couldn't go to camp like them. Instead, my dad taught me to fight, and gave me a sword that had been handed down his family for generations. Then, he sent me to school for the first time. I met a posse of 'cool kids' who invited me to join their group. They made me do some horrible things and forced me to be a bully like the rest of them. I became depressed, thinking I could never make any friends. I ran away from home, and hitched a ride to America, where I went to Camp Jupiter. I left, though, because people didn't really get me. Then, I got my letter to Hogwarts, and well, you know the rest.
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