Loreley Granger

Year 6 student

My name is Loreley. I was born in Great Britain,England, later moving to Scotland with my parents five years ago to attend Hogwarts 2 years later with my cats.

  • Joined August 2020
  • Member of Gryffindor
  • 4100 House Points
  • 4th Year
  • Australia


Name: Loreley Aurora Granger

The cousin of Hermione Granger. :) 

And the second cousin of:

Rose and Hugo

An Aunt figure to:

Lilly, James and Albus

Lovely to meet you! :) 

Who could have thought Hermione had another magical family member! 

Further details:

Birthday: April 21 

Species: Human

Nationality: Australian 

Gender: Female 

Nickname: Kitty / lorey

House: Gryffindo

Patronus: Snowy owl

Blood status: Halfblood

Wand:- Length: 11 1/2  Flexibility: Hard Wood: Firwood Core: Dragon heart string 

Boggart: Spiders

Favourite bands:

The Weird Sisters

Favourite subjects :

Year one:

Charms, Flying, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts. 

Year two: 

Care of Magical Creatures, and Defence against the Dark Arts, Ancient Runes

Year three:

Care of Magical Creatures , Ancient Runes, Charms

Year four:

Care of Magical Creatures, Ancient Runes, and Ancient Studies

Year five:

Ancient Runes,Care of Magical creatures, Charms

Hogwarts pets: Three cats: Ebony and her precious spirit, Harmony the newbie and Puss puss.

I'd love a snowy owl! 

Future career interests: 

Owlet trainer, Magical creature breeder, a professor for The study of magical creatures,Shop keeper at Honey dukes,ancient.runes professor teaching the elder futhark, ancient studies professor, singer, magizoologist,actress, musician, or dragon breeder.

I very much enjoy reading and making new friends! Feel free to message x



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