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Feel free to create your own group or roleplay, invite your friends and live the story!

Popular Groups & Roleplays


Gryffindor quidditch

Public Group • 235 Members

All gryffindors are accepted for know


Gryffindor Common Room

Public Roleplay • 234 Members

A place for Gryffindors of all years to come and chat. Here - take a seat in one of the squishiest armchairs by the fire.


Triwizard Tournament

Public Group • 232 Members

The Triwizard Tournament is here! Four students from each house will be chosen to compete in three tasks to win eternal glory, as well as the fabled Triwizard Cup! There will be new contestants each month.


Hogwarts OFFICIAL Student Council

Public Group • 226 Members

Join to help us organize different events, help solve conflicts between students, and vote to issue different positions to people on the Council! Join today to help make HiH a better place!


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Public Group • 222 Members

A place to discuss the latest Wizarding World film. Please join only if you have seen the movie or want to be thoroughly spoiled, as this group will be full of spoilers!


Yule Ball date finder 2016

Public Group • 209 Members

Need some help finding a date to the Yule Ball? No problem!! Just join the chat and the rest will work out(lgbtq friendly :))


Bands and Music

Public Group • 207 Members

A place for those who love bands, and are in the fandoms or just love the music ;)


Mythical Creatures

Public Group • 205 Members

If you love animals then this is the place for you!


Animagi and Morphamagi

Public Group • 201 Members

For all those Animagi and Morphamagi out there in the Hogwarts grounds.


Yule Ball 2017 ⊰CONCLUDED⊱

Public Group • 199 Members

Welcome, each and every one of you, to the 2017 Yule Ball!


Magical Creature Caretakers

Public Group • 197 Members

For people who want to learn and take care of magical creatures, in muggle world and wizarding world. We will be caring for many different creatures, so remember to bring correct equipment and be prepared for any adventures to come!


The Snitch Pitch

Public Roleplay • 191 Members

Want to play Quidditch? Then this is the place to be! Anyone and everyone is welcome! Join a team, meet up for practice, and play real matches against other teams! The most important goal is to have fun!

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