Starlee Fletcher

HiH Quidditch League Co-Host

HiH Quidditch League Co-Host

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Name: Starlee Fletcher Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland Blood Status: Halfblood House: Ravenclaw INFJ January 27 Former PA for Astronomy and Ancient Runes HiH Quidditch League Co-Host Find out more here Join the discord here See the current schedule and scores here Wand: 11 ½”, Ash, Unicorn Hair, Brittle Pet: Domestic Shorthair - Princess Patronus: Deerhound Boggart: Failure, usually in the form of her parents telling her shes failed them in various ways. Amortentia: A bonfire, a rainy afternoon Dream Wizarding Job: Curse Breaker Appearance: Long blonde hair, usually adorned with ribbons in some way. 5'7" with an average frame. Hazel eyes. Medium stature with an hourglass shape.

<summary>BACKSTORY | click on the arrow!</summary>
Starlee was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, to a Wizard father and a Muggle mother. Her father is a Healer, working as a house call healer for much of the surrounding rural areas of the highlands. Her mother is a muggle Pharmacist. They met while her father was studying muggle medicine at College in the United States. Starlee was the middle child of three siblings, the elder is a squib and the younger is of unknown magical abilities but is beginning to show magical capabilities. Her father's family disapproves of his marrying of a Muggle, due to them being old fashioned and still believing in Rappaport's Law (even though it was repealed 15 years prior to their marriage) and have essentially disowned him and his family. This is why they moved from the United States to Scotland shortly after their marriage. Starlee was then invited to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, much to the disdain of her older brother. The sorting hat took a while to decide between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw for her house, but in the end, due to her eccentric personality and interest in learning, Ravenclaw won out. She is a second-year working on Astronomy, Divination and Charms. She brought her quirky, black domestic shorthair cat, Princess, with her to Hogwarts. She aspires to be a curse breaker for the Ministry, and has already delved deep into Ancient Runes, and even became a Professor's Assistant for the course. She applied for the Quidditch team and received the position of beater despite what one would think as a demure nature. Her greatest strength is perhaps her logical, outside of the box thinking and problem-solving. Complex issues are no problem when they can be broken down and dissected into reasonable chunks. Her weakness (yet perhaps a strength) is her eccentric personality. It turns some people away, but to those who stick around to put up with her quirkiness, they end up becoming the best of friends.</details><details>
<summary>FRIENDS | Shoutout Time!</summary>
Eslanda Autumn: I am so happy I took up the job to run 'The HiH Quidditch League' with you! It has been so fun and I can't wait to see where our journey takes us! Probably to Disney. Maybe. Piper Clark: Pipes! You are so smart and I love having you around to impose your dog-loving lifestyle into my cat-only world. Now get back to your lessons! Indira Thornton: Do you want any Bananas? Maybe a Cookie? I love your constant insanity, you always keep me on my toes! Astrid Fairisles: So happy that we met! We are so strangely similar that sometimes I wonder how that's possible. Let's keep up our weirdness... and maybe have another chat with Mr. Role Model sometime! Willow Bryant: Lioness, you are exactly what you are! You are a fearsome leader and I love having you around to keep me grounded!</details><details>
<summary>GRADES | Fancy a peek?</summary>
First-year Grades: Astronomy: O (98%) Charms: O (99%) DADA: O (97%) Herbology: O (98%) History of Magic: O (97%) Potions: O (99%) Transfiguration: O (99%) Second-Year Grades: Alchemy: Not Started Ancient Runes: O (99%) Astronomy: O (98%) Care of Magical Creatures: Not Started Charms: In Progress DADA: Not Started Divination: O (98%) Herbology: In Progress History of Magic: In Progress Potions: Not Started Transfiguration: Not Started Third-Year Grades: Ancient Runes: In Progress Astronomy: In Progress</details>

Special thanks to Astrid Fairisles for the great help in coding all of this!

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