Slythern/male/Head in the clouds but my gravity centered~ sweater weather. Nice to meet you I’m Draco malfoy.

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Beeing bullied sence I was young I became really hurt and made a big castle around my heart not letting a lot of people in. I would get bullied and would be called "deatheater" it would hurt. And to top it off my dad was a arse to me. I never got to do things I wanted and was very controlled and I wanted to escape. My friends would allways call me spoild and rich but did I ever have it that easy? Was I just selfish? I don't know but I hope one day to find freedom and well-being....that's when I met my best friend and my boyfriend Harry. They gave me Happyness and I am forever thankful. Even though times can be tough in hogwarts and I am allways going to be called a worthless deatheater I at least have someone on my side. (A special thanks to Pansy parkingson who will allways have my back) 


gender: male

sexulaity: bi/ taken

Bleach blonde/Smokey blue grey eyes/ skinny-tall

mean/ bossy/ secret softie

fave food: green apples

spirit animal: farret

Birthday: june 5

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