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Note: My replies will be fairly slow since I'm busy outside of HiH with school, extracurriculars, etc. I'll try to reply ASAP, but owl me if I don't reply after 10 days.


~ Some terminology ~

yōkai (妖怪): magical creatures native to Japan

hanyō (半妖): those who has a yōkai parent; "half-demon"

yōko (妖狐): fox spirit, sometimes referred to as kitsune

amabie: mermaid that has prophetic powers

Amabie-Kitsune: offspring of kitsune and amabie

Mahoutokoro: also known as Nagumo; Japanese school of magic


House: Slytherin


Birthday: 7/31 (Leo)


Gender: Genderfloren


Sexuality: Omnisexual 


Pronouns: all


Wand: rhododendron with yōko hair core, 12 inches

Rhododendron - a wood known to work better on the darker spectrum; prefers emotional individuals, quick to change loyalties


Patronus: raicho (Japanese grouse)


Pet: ermine



Human form -

174 cm/5' 8"

short jet-black hair with a gold and white streak, usually in a wolf cut

one black eye and one orange eye


Fox form -

orange-gold coat with two tails

one black eye and one orange eye



usually quick to warm up to people, but takes a very long time to trust others 



Family: My father is a yōko (妖狐) who usually lives in the forest. He is not allowed to live with our family permanently per yōko customs, but he tries to come down as much as possible. My mother is a pureblood who was a former Seeker for the Mahoutokoro school Quidditch team, and is also an excellent potions master. My stepmother is also a hanyō (半妖), since her mother is an Amabie-Kitsune. She is an amazing dueller and also a very musical person. I have two older siblings, who all share abilities from our father, including creating foxfire and shape-shifting into fox form. My older sister is 3 years older than me, and is currently at Mahoutokoro. My brother is 2 years older is at Hogwarts with me.


I was formerly a student at Mahoutokoro, and transferred to Hogwarts after 7 years of education. I loved potions while at Nagumo, but everything is taught so different here that I am still struggling to adjust to the new ways. 



I was born in the Madarao mountains in Nagano, in central Japan. My father had lived there for 2 centuries (yes, he is over 1000 years old), and met my mother there. My siblings were also born there. While I was there, my father taught us how to control our powers, and how to protect ourselves. Yōkai in general, although it has gotten better, still face prejudice and discrimination from humans, and there are wizards who will do anything to get their hands on us. We learned how to defend ourselves not just with wands but with traditional swords and techniques, and we were given the highest-quality swords once we turned 7.

When I was 4 years old, my sister got a letter from Mahoutokoro. We weren't expecting it, since all of us were raised a good deal by our father. According to rumors, hanyō who were raised by their non-human parents were not trusted and were very unlikely to be accepted into a human school. We were all delighted, and decided to move to osaka/kyoto which also was a spiritual place in Japan but much closer to the school than Madarao. There, my mother met my stepmother, and they (secretly) married, since same-sex marriage is illegal in Japan. She taught me a great deal about magical dueling, and we would constantly have friendly duels in our house. She also introduced me to music, both traditional and Western, and I learned how to play many instruments, including piano and shamisen (similar to guitar). 

I was accepted into Mahoutokoro at age 7 and started to attend weekday classes there until I was 11, when I started boarding. Some students bullied me because I didn't have a dad at home, and my hair was not completely black (this is frowned upon in muggle schools). I did make a few friends there, but I never revealed to them that I was a hanyō. 

~ Rp info ~



Noël Ryosuke Kanematsu (main)


House: Slytherin


Age: can change based on rp


Backstory & family: same as character


Caelan Evan Rosier (Harry Potter OC)

Nicknames: Cae, Cale, Rosy, Roz

Gender: male

Sexuality: bisexual

Age: depends on rp

House: Slytherin

Wand: Rhododendron wood, dragon heartstring core, 13 inches, pliable

Patronus: Thestral

Boggart: seeing his parents' and Barty's deaths replay

Amortentia: burning candles, the smell of forests, homemade soda bread

Appearance: usually short dirty-blond shaggy hair, green eyes, fairly tall

Personality: mostly independent but clings a lot to people he connects to, enjoys a good joke, can be detached from his surroundings at times

Family: Evan Rosier (father), Avyanna Rosier (mother), Bartermius Crouch Jr. (godfather)

Backstory: Caelan Rosier is the son of Evan Rosier, who was killed by Mad-Eye Moody when Caelan was still a baby. Soon after, his mother also passed away. As a result, he was raised by Barty Crouch Jr. (a close friend of his father), and grew to loathe the Order of the Phoenix and those affiliated with it, especially Moody. He excels in Potions and dueling.  




Hunger Games

Spirit Animals


Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children 

Red Queen

The Promised Neverland


~ Post on my wall or owl me if you want to rp! (I might be a little rusty since I haven't done one in so long) ~
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