Pervaza Broom

Ravenclaw Student

Creative Ravenclaw keen on studying and always ready to help when she can.

  • Joined June 2022
  • Member of Ravenclaw
  • 1200 House Points
  • 1st Year
  • Bulgaria


I am a proud Ravenclaw from a big colourful family. I want to become a Head Student or PA. I love Transfiguration, History of Magic, Charms, Divination and Ancient Runes.

Hobbies: Reading, studying, doing homework, hanging out with friends, writing, helping everyone who needs it, discussing things from books ( I have some unusual opinions,  such as Seamus Finnigan is bad)

Some fears of mine: my friends being hurt, popular people (don't even ask why), being normal and many more

Friends of mine on HiH, with which I have had private conversations: 

Rachel Berry - Great friend with a big love of Herbology. I know I can count on you. 

Silas Scamander - A great friend, with whom I can discuss everything.

Jui Weasley - A very kind and very supportive friend and one of my closest. A great writer and author of one of the best marauders' books I have ever read

Hermione Ravenclaw - My first friend and a very Harry Potter-knowledgeable person. She is also very sociable and friendly, so I can always speak with her. ( And she often disappears )

Lia - a really kind Slytherin and a great friend. ( She seems to be inactive now, though )

Narcissa Slytherin - A really enthusiastic and hard-working Slytherin, who reminds me of myself in real life

Awards I have been given on HIH:

Best Potterhead Team Competition from the Golden Gala  ( and my first competition of this kind, there are just no such things in my country )

Magical information:

House: Ravenclaw

Wand: Spruce wood (I like the wood, although I am not very bold, nor I have one of the best sences of humour), unicorn hair ( Indicates my loyalty and standing for what is right), 14 and a half inches

Patronus: Incorporeal ( I am still very young)

Animagus: Working on preparing to be one (You don't get to be one for a day, you know)

Amortenia: Not very sure I want to know

Boggart: I am afraid of a lot of stuff so I don't want to face one. Hope we won't do this in Defence against the Dark Arts.

Blood status: If my dad is the son of a Squib and a Muggle ( but he is a wizard) and my mum is the daughter of a muggleborn and a halfblood, then what is my blood status?

Quidditch team: Appleby Arows ( I have even practiced to do the arrow spell, though I have no idea how to use it)

Occupation on HiH: Head of Improper Use of Magic Office,Student 


Favorite house: All houses are special!

Favorite characters: Hermione, Luna, Fred, George, Sirius, Lupin, professor McGonagall

Favorite serials and books: Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Golden Compass,  Dark Crystal, Nevermoor, Middle earth stories (the Lord of the rings universe)

Favorite food: Any type of pasta 

My family is really big and colourful. I have a lot of siblings, most of them brothers. My grandpa was once a Quidditch player and he founded a store for flying equipment, so this is the place from which my surname comes. Unlike some other people in my family I am not a sports person.

My mother is a Ministry of Magic worker and a Gryffindor with a love of plants. She knew that magic existed from the minute she was born. Although a good flyer, she never got on her house team and was much better in Herbology, History of Magic, at that time teached by Professor Binns and Muggle studies. After finishing Hogwarts with high grades, she went to work in the Department of Magical Transportation wanting to make her family proud. However, she found that the Broom Regulatory Control isn't exactly the thing for her, so after a brief time as a Diagon-Alley shop assistant, she changed her department. If I have to be honest, I am not very sure this is where she belongs though.

My dad is a Ravenclaw. As a son of a Squib and a Muggle, he didn't know abour magic due to the moment he got his letter. At his time there, he excelled in Transfiguration, Defence against the Dark Arts and Arithmancy. He was one of the best Hogwarts students and his grades never fell under E. He had a brief carrier at the Department of Mysteries, where he met my mother, although they were Hogwarts students at the same time.  He is currently a wizarding inventor, though I don't know what is he doing now exactly. 

Interesting family facts:

  • Some or my siblings are Squibs

  • Some of them are Wimbourne Wasps supporters, so arguments aren't rare ( Arrows forever! )

  • There is at least one person from every house in the family

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    From around the time I was five or six, I knew something about me wasn't ordinary. Although born in the family of wizards, magic was kept a bit secret from me. I never really trusted my parents and I have never showed magical signs in front of them. Of course, all of the kids in our family suspected that magic excisted and this suspicion grew bigger and bigger because of my grandpa, who tried to teach us basic flying skills.

    I later grew to understand, that mum and dad hid the truth from us, because they were afraid we will be Squibs. At the time I was seven however my older sister went to Hogwarts, so magic was no longer secret. I remember trying to care for puffapods and this getting forbiden if you don't have herbological knowledge, dad tryng to teach me basic Arithmancy and grandma allowing me to supervise her brewing potions.

    Now that I knew I had magic, I used it to help my friends in Muggle school. As I didn't know how to channel it I learned that sometimes knowledge and kindness are sometimes stronger than magic and this, along with other things, landed me in Ravenclaw house.


    First year: 

    Astronomy - Exceeds expectations ( In progress ) 

    Charms - Outstanding

    Defence against the Dark Arts - Outstanding

    Herbology - Exceeds expectations

    History of Magic - Outstanding

    Potions - Outstanding ( In progress )

    Transfiguration - Outstanding 

    Second year:

    Divination - Outstanding ( In progress )

    Ancient Runes - Outstanding ( In progress )

    Charms - Outstanding ( In progress )

    Herbology - Exceeds Expactations ( In progress )

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