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Call me Penni (or Loaf).

When I was little and it was just the two of us, my mum, a muggle, worried about how well she'd be able to raise me if I turned out to be a witch. But that was before we joined the travelling circus.

A more random mix of people you couldn't try to find anywhere; magical and muggle, young and old, from all four corners of the planet, they didn't blink to throw us unto the mix and adopt us as part of the family when we showed up. My mother is the master of horses, she has a gift with them. I miss her when I'm away at school, but I'm happy knowing she is surrounded by friends, looked after, and never alone.

I've never been to Diagon Alley; the crew and our extended friends kitted me out with everything I need. Old books, spare cauldron, tweaked robes - everything was taken care of for me so mum didn't have to worry. They even made me a house scarf once I was sorted.

My wand is silver lime, dragon heartstring, 12.5", slightly yielding. Don, the circus master, acquired it many years ago, and never used it. I found it accidentally when I was rummaging through a trunk one time, and became entranced by it - I just kept sneaking back to look at it. I thought I'd been secretive, but after I got my Hogwarts letter, Don gifted it to me, so I suspect he somehow knew, like he always does. My mother wouldn't let me even hold the box again until we were in King's Cross.

Favourite quidditch position to play is either keeper or beater. Proud HUFFLEPUFF. If you're a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin struggling against the stereotypes, hit me up - I've got all the time in the world for you.
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