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Welcome to my wall and Among Us tour!!!

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Age: Teen

Gender: Male

Sex: Straight

Looks like: Black Hair, Brown eyes and tall

House: Gryffindor

Blood: Half-blood

Traits: Funny, loyal, smart, annoying

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Dietary: Vegetarian

Relationship: Taken by my Queen <3

Like: Being annoying, soccer, cricket, table tennis, jokes, making people smile/laugh, drawing, reading and sucking eggs (my friendos will understand this one ;)

Dislikes: Breakups, being left out, being alone, trolls, being hated and deceived, tomato, meat, slaughter and lastly, Planet China (if you want to know why, ask)

Wand: Redwood wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 ¼" and brittle flexibility

Patronus: Wildcat

Pets: Phoenix named Eos and an Owl named Snowy

FC: Rodri

We start our journey at Communications where we shall download information

<summary><font face=VCR OSD Mono>Nicknames</summary>
<font face=Arial>=> Ara (Anyone)
=> King (My Queen)
=> Aradude (Kealyn)
=> Ara Bear (My Angie Bear)
=> King Cheesy (Angie Only !)
=> Idiot (Angie)
=> Coffee Shop (Angie Only!)
=> Muffin (Angie Bear)
=> Goggy (Angie ONLY!!!)
=> Teddy Bear (My Shortcake eheh)
=> Gog (Cho Only!)
=> Tiger (Tilly)
=> Agog (Holly)
=> Rara (Elliot)
=> Arabish (Stress Kitty)
=> Vulpes (Stel ONLY!)
=> Idiotass (Mimi Only!)
=> Softie (Shwetha Only!)
=> Drama King (Ilse)
=> Donut (Ava)
=> Arg (Jo-Jo Only!)
=> Turbo (Cho Only!)
=> Ranger (Blubewwy Only!)
=> Kawaii Pear (Indow)
=> Kronos (Ilse)
=> Araggag (Zoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
=> Mr. Sassy (Hermione Black)
=> Mr Gold Nugget (Ray)


Next we shall move to Storage to fill the ship up with some gas

<summary><font face=VCR OSD Mono>Favorite Things</summary>
<font face=Arial>Manchester United

Dragon Ball


Percy Jackson

Harry Potter (OFC!)

My Gang!


Let us quickly check the cams to see what the others are doing

<summary><font face=VCR OSD Mono>Friends</summary>
<font face=Arial>




Hermione Potter Granger





Kahala Naga


Olivia White



Steluvius Black





Next on our list is the Admin where we shall swipe our card-

<summary><font face=VCR OSD Mono>My OC's</summary>
<font face=Arial>Muggle OC

the pembroke hill school

Name: Oliver Mount
Nickname: Oli
Age: 16
Sexuality: Bi
Siblings: Trinity Mount (deceased) and Selena Rooney (15)
Appearance: Red hair, green eyes, short, chubby
Personality: Caring, Friendly, Dangerous at times, Playful and Annoying
Likes: Reading, writing, soccer, pranks, drama and parties
Dislikes: Bullies, being pranked, getting heartbroken, being double crossed and being alone

Hogwarts's OC

Name: Adam Scamander
Nickname: Swift
Sexuality: Straight
Age: Depends on rp but normally 15
Siblings: Liam Scamader (Year 7) and Noah Scamander (Year 1)
Appearance: Black hair, dark brown eyes, tall, muscular
Personality: Caring, Friendly, Dangerous at times, Playful and Annoying
Likes: Reading, writing, quidditch, pranks, drama and parties
Dislikes: Being pranked, getting heartbroken, being double crossed and being alone
House: Gryffindor

Name: Benjamin Malfoy
Nickname: Ben or Master Mind
Age: 16
Sexuality: Straight but hates love
Siblings: None
Appearance: White hair, light green eyes, average height, lean
Personality: Secretive, Annoying, Calm, Cocky
Likes: Quidditch, trouble, pranks, apparation and Italian food
Dislikes: Being pranked, homework, irritating people and spiders
House: Slytherin

Name: Elijah Granger
Nickname: E
Sexuality: Gay
Age: 17
Siblings: Lucas Malfoy (14)
Appearance: Red hair, grey-ish eyes, tall and handsome
Personality: Friendly, Depressed, Bookworm
Likes: Reading, writing, studying and tennis
Dislikes: Bullies, Idiots and Meat
House: Ravenclaw

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Name: Mason Nott
Nickname: M/Fwendo
Sexuality: Straight
Age: 15
Siblings: Sophia Nott (Twin) Charlotte Nott (14) Ava Nott (12)
Appearance: Brown hair, Teal eyes, short
Personality: Friendly, Caring, Popular
Likes: Quidditch, girls, hockey, books and chocolate
Dislikes: Idiots, bullies and haters
House: Hufflepuff

Camp Half Blood OC

Name: James Anderson
Sexuality: Bi
Nickname: J
Age: 14
Siblings: Emma Anderson (Hunter)
Appearance: Brown hair, rainbow eyes, tall, handsome
Personality: Flirty, Friendly, Brave, Caring, Helpful and Dangerous
Likes: Girls, blueberries, pranks, pegasi and using charmspeak
Dislikes: Being tickled, lies, too much fighting and Kronos
Godly Parent: Aphrodite

Camp Jupiter OC

Name: William Grant
Nickname: Will
Sexuality: Straight...but has a curse
Age: 17
Siblings: None
Appearance: Dark skinned, brown hair, electric blue eyes, muscular
Personality: Not so friendly, secretive, easily annoyed, strong and calm
Likes: Being the leader, enchiladas, fighting, the truth, storms and lightning
Dislikes: Being beaten, made fun of and threats
Godly Parent: Jupiter

Well...I'm dead...I guess this is goodbye

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Approved by Zeus/Jupiter, Dumbledore, Tony Stark, My weird gang, My servants and ze coffee mug

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<summary><font face=VCR OSD Mono>Dedicated to the love of my life <3</summary>
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