Averly Nia Black

"Oh it's Murder City Baby."

"You're my backbone You're my cornerstone, You're my crutch when my legs stop moving You're, my headstart You're my rugged heart."

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Welcome Everyone in case you wish to stay in contact with me!!

Email: bubblypeachy24@gmail.com 

Second Email: wolfcubrpemail@mail.com 

Discord: Wolfcub#9322


So please, keep in mind that I will NOT tolerate childish behavior, Racial Comments, Rude Behavior, or anyone being mean on my Page, that will resort to automatic Ban!


Banned List







Rules: Please try and follow the best that you can as I will do yours alright!


– Please give me time to respond as I will sometimes not be able to respond quickly!

– Say, your Oc’s Name at least Once in every reply as it’s hard to remember names in different Rp’s!

– Let me know if you have any Triggers or anything at all as I’m not bothered by anything and only use what’s comfortable to you!

– Do help, write the Action/Romance, in the Rp as I’d hate to be the only one that’s coming up with all the ideas as it’s hard to do that by yourself.

– At least, try and write a paragraph whenever you reply as it’s difficult to reply to one-liners and I will not be spending all day trying to figure out what you actually meant!

– Don’t ask me to change my writing style please, as it’s annoying already to try and make people happy so please don’t!

– Have fun with the Rp, if you have any details at all you wish to discuss mid-Rp let me know I’m all in for whatever Ideas you have!!



Now that my Rules are out of the way let’s get into the more important information!


Averly Nia Black


Animagus: Wolf


Black Cat





Second House:







June 6th 1980


Star Sign:










Animal Fur, Grass/dirt, Old books, Parchment paper, Ink quills, Wolfsbane, Ocean Water, Sea Salt, Honey Dew, Honeysuckle, Lemons, Bluebells, and Seagrass. 



Chivalrous, Tough, Well-mannered, Lovable, Resilient, Fearless, Steadfast, Pompous, Easily bored, Dutiful, Care-free, Authoritarian, Perfectionist, Focused, Reassuring, and Flexible.



Sirius Black

Remus Lupin



Draco Malfoy

Harry Potter

Bill Weasley

Percy Weasley

Fred Weasley

George Weasley

Charlie Weasley

Ronald Weasley

Ginny Weasley



Bellatrix Lestrange

Narcissa Malfoy



Lucius Malfoy

Regulus Black



Orion Black

Walburga Black

Hope Lupin

Lyall Lupin



Harry Potter

Draco Malfoy

Ronald Weasley

Hermione Granger

Luna Lovegood

Neville Longbottom

Blaise Zabini

Fred Weasley

George Weasley


My Lovely Aesthetic:



Now, all the information about me is out of the way! Let’s get started on my Roleplay information as well as Oc info!!


Starter Section:

*Click me!*



Fandom: Maze Runner




Fandom: How to Train your Dragon

Alethea Horrendous Haddock III

Raden Hofferson


Here is some stuff that I won’t Roleplay!

– Adoption Rp

– Demon x Human, Angle x Human, Neko x Human, Robot x Human, or Human x Anything!


Ship Roleplay

– Neville x Ron

– Regulus x Lily x James

– Harry x Hermione

– Draco x Blaise

– Neville x Pansy

– Hermione x Matteo

– Draco x Harry

– Ron x Hermione

– Regulus x James

– Lily x Remus

– James x Sirius

– Hermione x Pansy

– Remus x Sirius

– Luna x Hermione

– Blaise x Neville

– Hermione x Luna

– Blaise x Ron

– James x Lily

– Elven x Max

– Billy x Steve

– Will x Mike

– Robin x Nancy

– Eddie x Steve


Fandom’s Roleplay:

– Harry Potter

– 100

– Stranger Things

– Fast and Furious

– How to Train your Dragon

– Criminal Minds

– Hunger Games

– Twilight

– The Witcher

– The Last Kingdom

– Until dawn

– Walking Dead

– Fear Street 1994

– Fear Street 1995

– Fear Street 1996

– Pirates of the Caribbean 

– Percy Jack [First Movie Only]

– Chronicles of Narnia

– Umbrella Academy

– Maze Runner

– Alice and Wonderland

– Outer Banks 


Muggle Roleplay:

– Friends to Lovers

– Enemies to Lovers

– Lovers to Enemies to Lovers

– Cop x Criminal

– Princess x Guard

– Prince x Guard

– Princess x Lower Class

– Prince x Lower Class

– King x Servant

– Queen x Servant

– Mafia x Right Hand Man

– Mafia x FBI

– Yandere! X Anything

– Innocent x Dominant

– Mother x Daughter

– Mother x Son

– Father x Daughter

– Father x Son

– Step-Mother x Daughter

– Step-Mother x Son

– Step-Father x Daughter 

– Step-Father x Son

– Brother x Brother 

– Sister x Sister

– Brother x Sister

– Step-Brother x Sister

– Step-Brother x Brother

– Popular Girl x Quiet Girl

– Popular boy x Quiet Boy

– Popular Girl x Quiet Boy

– Student x Teacher

– Principal x Student

– Co-Worker x Boss

– Maid x Boss

– Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Daughter

– Next Door Neighbor [Adult Female] x Son

– Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter 

– Next Door Neighbor [Adult Male] x Daughter




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