Andrea Nightshade

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The villain will always be the villain if the hero tells the story. -K

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Name: Andrea Nightshade

Gender: Enby

Pronouns: any

Age: minor 

House: Slytherin

2nd House: Hufflepuff


Patronous: Doe



Eye colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Brown, short length, with slightly lighter highlights.

Height: Tall-ish, exact height is 5'5


Backstory wip

Early Life: Andrea was born August 24th, to her parents Molly and Clyde Johnson, sadly when they were on a boating trip for their anniversary the boat sank, k!lling them both. As a result of this tradgic incident, Andrea was raised by her cousins, Merlin and Matilda Nightshade, who had 3 kids of their own. Andrea was always a quiet kid who kept to herself, reading, writing, drawing, whatever she could do to stay busy. 


Receving her letter: Andrea awoke to a rapid tapping on her window, remembering it was her birthday, she jumped up to grab her letter from the patiently waiting owl. Without hesitation, or closing the window, she raced down stairs and into the den souting about her letter. Once breakfeast was over Andrea and her family went to Diagon Alley for school supplies.


The Sorting:



Other Random Junk


A Grey and white cat named Jellie

Career Aspirations: Author, Artist, or professor.

Sibilings: N/A (except for her cousins)

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, hiking, and exploring.


Random irl Junk


Favourite colour: green, yellow, or brown.

Favourite Food: My grandma's homemade poppy seed chicken 

Favourite Animal: Frog or Crow

Favourite songs:

My Spotify playlist:


Favourite Books:

1. Good omens

2. The Ballad of song birds and snakes

3. Island of the Blue Dolphins 

4. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

5. Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Azkaban

Hobbies: Reading, writing, gaming, drawing, hiking, running, cosplaying.

My aesthetic: Goblincore, night and rain stuff, as well as light/dark academia.


Fandoms I'm In

Harry Potter

Hunger Games


Warrior cats (Riverclan or Windclan)


Good omens

Dr. Who



(I probably forgot something tbh)


Rp Rules

Nothing Mature

Keep it PG-13 if possiable

No heavy romance

Limit your language (a little is fine)

Proper Grammer (no * plz unless you ask and I say it's okay)

No controling my character

You can pick from the fandoms above, or we can just do a rp with no fandom (those can get intresting)


Wall Rules

No Hateful words

No language


Don't harass me or other people

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