࿇࿈ Dakota Loxley ࿈࿇


“amor est gravi mentis morbum”

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Biographical data:
Name: Dakota Quinn Loxley
Nicknames: “the only people aloud to give me nicknames are my friends, and I don’t have friends”
Quote: “Row, row, row, your boat gently the fuck away from me!”
Age: 11-20 (depends on rp but usually 16
Parents: Fred Loxley (muggle) and Helena Loxley (muggle)
Blood: muggleborn
House: Slytherin
Species: Metamorphmagus (ability to change their physical appearance at will)
Patronus: pit bull
Boggart: her kills coming back and torturing her
Wand: Hawthorn, 16”, dragon heart string
Siblings: two little brothers
Birthday: December 24th
Place of birth: Melrose, Scotland
Gender: gender fluid
Pronouns: she, her/ he, him/ they them (ask or I’ll tell you)
Status: single and not looking
Sexual orientation: pansexual
Drinking: they don’t drink a lot on the job but when they’re off the job they drink like nobody’s business
Occupation: Dakota is a 6th year student who gets in trouble a lot and likes to kill people. They are a professional assassin and has a love for a chase.
Friends: “I don’t have friends but some people are pretty cool”
Asher Graves (Sir Asshole)
Verai (Killer Queen)
Hair: Black as night pixie cute with shaved sides and back
Eyes: dark brown with gold flecks
Height: short, about 5’3”
Skin color: fair with many freckles over their body that they don’t bother to cover up
Weight: 103lb
Build: thin and lean, toned but can be petite
Likes: Dakota loves any kind of chocolate product; killing people obviously; sarcasm showdowns; reading (surprisingly); hunting; getting paid; assholes; writing monologues/poetry (really writing in general)
Dislikes: Dakota hates a lot of things; idiots who don’t know when to stop; dumbasses who can’t take a joke; not having a job; not being able to kill; not having their weapons with them; stuck ups
Personality: bitchy; childish; huge flirt; rude; humorous; sarcastic; (more will be added)
Backstory: “yeah, ok, I’ll tell you my past when hell freezes over.”
Weakness: “my weakness is chocolate, I would kill for chocolate. Literally I killed a family for chocolate, those were dark times.”
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