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~Personal Information~</size>

NAME: Clover Oswin Daisy Josephine Nightingale Turner
NICKNAMES: Floofer Nooget Zee Eleventh (Floofer Nooget Fam), Tiny ( Angie and Zelie Shacklevolt), Cloves (anyone and everyone), Pineapple (ask first), Clovey (Ava and Hermione so far, ask to be added); Clo (Hermione); Lucky (Hermione).
AGE: First Year
HOUSE: Hufflepuff

BLOOD STATUS: Muggle-born
APPERANCE: Slightly wavy brown hair with natural gold undertones that reaches just past my shoulders, warm beige skin, soft features, chocolate-colored eyes, thin silver wire-rim glasses, a few freckles across my nose, semi-long nails without any polish, fairly tall.
WAND: Alder wood with a unicorn hair core, 14 1/2" and surprisingly swishy flexibility.
PATRONOUS: Nebelung Cat
PET: "Murcurey", a black cat

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DISPOSITION: Clover tends to involuntarily revert to her shy tendencies whenever she meets someone new, but given time, she'll slowly reveal the adventurous, fun-loving side of her personality. But that doesn't mean she won't immediately shut down when a sensitive subject is brought up, since she gets frustrated easily on bad days. If you do get up upset with you, though, don't worry- she'll hate you for the rest of the day, sure, but she sleeps off most of her grudges, as long as she's close to you.

<summary>POSITIVE TRAITS:</summary> Compassionate, fiercely loyal, intelligent, creative, playful, witty, slightly adventurous, occasionally sarcastic, honest, optimistic.
<summary>NEGATIVE TRAITS:</summary> Particularly proud/not good at asking for help, extremely shy (especially around those she's imitated by), emotional, judgmental, jumps to conclusions, lets her thoughts drag her down.</details>

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~HiH Stuff~ </size>

QUITTICH: She can’t play as a first year, but she would love to be a seeker.
BOOKS: She's an aspiring author for the HiH library, and even though her books are far from the best ones you'll find, it would mean a lot if you read a few of them.
<summary>All My Worthwhile Books</summary>
Clover Turner: My Story- A shy, muggle-born witch with a knack for attracting trouble finds herself making her way through Hogwarts, trying to navigate the strange, new magical world and investigating a series of mysterious events. But she's spent so long following her older brother's footsteps, maybe it's time for her to find herself.
Printemps Ball: An Excerpt from Clover Turner: My Story- It's time for Hogwart's newest ball, to celebrate the arrival of spring! This excerpt gives you an early look into Clover's third year at Hogwarts as she prepares for her first ball.
A Preview for Raging Wildfire- A 'War of the Elements' Story- A preview for the book Raging Wildfire- A 'War of the Elements' Story, this short book gives you a look onto Clara Chase's early life, right before everything took a turn for the worse.
Raging Wildfire- A 'War of the Elements' Story- In the chaos of a war between the Four Elements, a little girl is forgotten in the basement of a house reduced to rubble, having been ordered to stay there by her parents, who sure are taking their time of fulfilling their promise of coming back for her. Only when she’s older, driven by the fear of the tendrils of fire that dance around her day and night, does she dare emerge into the sunlight for the first time in years to find a world unlike any she could imagine, filled with unlikely allies and impossible enemies.
The Thirteenth Hour- When Iris and Teddy travel into the forest one night, they stumble across a strange doorway with an even stranger discovery on its steps. They gather their friends and set off to find the doorway again, however, they quickly realize something is not right with the woods. But when they finally get through the door, they realize this adventure will be more than anyone bargained for…

SOCIAL: Enjoys attending balls and galas, especially ones hosted by close friends, although she often waits until the last moment to pick out a dress. She also is often fond of good roleplays with a rich storyline, which she will wait eagerly for a replay.

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Angie- Part of the little 'Thick as Thieves' bunch, founded in an amazing roleplay. You're probably my best friend here. I love you so much, AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT. Your other good friends don't know me though, and I'm always afraid they're gonna slap me. She also tolerates me spamming her wall with chocolate, so that's nice. *spineth.*

Zelie Shacklevolt- The other member of the little 'Thick as Thieves' bunch. Not to mention, THE MOST AMAZING AUTHOR ON THIS SITE. And as an author myself, I don't give that praise lightly. You're kind and supportive, lying to make me feel better (saying my writing's just as good as yours- NOT TRUE) and giving me a shoutout in your amazing book. Thanks, Ginger.

Charlotte Lu- Potato! I love talking about random food and birbs with you, obsessing over mushroom houses, and doing random roleplay. You're very noice and snazzy.

Dora Scamander- Thank you SO SO much for giving me endless support and praise on my books! By writing's so important to me and sometimes it feels like you're the only one who sees it, but that's more than enough for me.

Henry Ridgeback- Another amazing author, right up there will Zelie. Creates the most incredible villains which are very mean to my poor characters but I love them anyway >:3 Also a fellow Whovian which ups his awesome factor by 10000% </details>

ASTR-101: 90% (O) [UNFINISHED]
CHRM-101: 84% (E) [UNFINISHED]
DADA-101: 100% (O) [UNFINISHED]
HERB-101: 93% (O) [UNFINISHED]
HOM-101: 100% (O) [UNFINISHED]
PTNS-101: 100% (O) [UNFINISHED]
TNFG-101: 90% (O) UNFINISHED] </details>

<summary>Merits & Achievements</summary>
✧Creator of 'The Storyteller's Roleplay', a group where several dedicated writers work together to write a novel through a series of roleplays. Let me know if you think you have the writing skills necessary to join!

✧In the process of co-planning the entire wedding of Angelina Di Angelo-Varlett and a cup of coffee. We're attempting to get fifty quests to attend, tell Angie, Aloha, Ava, or myself if you'd like to come!</details>

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From a young age, Clover's magical abilities had shown themselves, often at the most incontinent times. She'd grown up with her family of four in a small town outside of Oxford. She lived with her mother, Olivia Turner, her father, William Turner, and her other brother, Jacob Turner. The accidental magic instances only grew stranger the more she grew- trees in the woods parting to make a path for her when she was four, turning invisible for a day when she had a fight with Jacob when she was six, Her muggle family wouldn't have recognized it as magic at all if Jacob hadn't gotten his letter to Hogwarts three years before Clover, when she was eight.

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