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<summary>About Me</summary>
name: Stormwalker pronouns: she/her species: trash age: sixteen blood status: muggleborn house: slytherin hybrid house: slytherclaw favorite subject: defense against the dark arts patronus: thestral wand wood: apple core: dragon heartstring length: twelve and a half inches flexibility: slightly springy hair: dark brown eyes: green skin: pale height: 5'6</details><details>
<summary>Original Characters</summary>
<summary>Akira Flynn</summary>
pronouns: she/her date of birth: january 26th zodiac sign: aquarius blood status: muggleborn house: gryffindor hybrid house: gryffinclaw favorite subject: defense against the dark arts patronus: cheetah wand wood: cedar core: unicorn hair length: fourteen inches flexibility: surprisingly swishy hair: blonde eyes: brown skin: tan height: 5'8</details><details>
<summary>Isaac Boyce</summary>
pronouns: he/him date of birth: july 1st zodiac sign: cancer blood status: halfblood house: gryffindor hybrid house: slytherdor favorite subject: alchemy patronus: lynx wand wood: elder core: unicorn hair length: twelve and one-fourths inches flexibility: hard hair: blonde eyes: blue skin: peach height: 5'11 (brother of Katherine Boyce) </details><details>
</details><details>Diana Gallimore</details><details> pronouns: she/her blood status: halfblood house: ravenclaw hybrid house: ravenpuff favorite subject: astronomy patronus: wolf wand wood: sycamore core: dragon heartstring length: twelve inches flexibility: quite bendy hair: black-brown eyes: blue skin: pale height: 5'6</details><details></details></details><details>
“You insolent little - !” Akira ignored the shouts of her Herbology professor as she sprinted away from the classroom, laughing wildly. After they had taken points away from Gryffindor simply because she had asked her friend a question in the middle of a lecture, Aki felt a prank was necessary to get even. There was no doubt she’d get detention afterward, but it was worth it. She dodged students left and right, occasionally yelling an apology over her shoulder. However, when she wasn’t watching the path ahead of her, she crashed into someone, and they both fell to the ground. * * * (open romance rp, FxM, description on backstory) Isaac dreaded the day they'd be taught to dance. He hadn't even considered going to the Yule Ball; it was always boring anyway. Except for maybe the part when a rock band joined the party (if you could even call it that). And when McGonagall called his name, he hung his head, groaning quietly before reluctantly rising to his feet. * * * (open rp, mute OC, description on backstory) Luciana walked the halls of Hogwarts after class, deeply engrossed in her book as she headed to the dorms. She barely even noticed as someone brushed past her, mumbling a quick "sorry". "Hey!" they suddenly yelled, and she turned to see a Hufflepuff boy seething at her. "I said sorry! What's your problem?" She tucked her book under her arm, prepared to sign an explanation, but he was already in her face. "You think you're superior just 'cause you're a Ravenclaw, huh?" he spat, shoving her harshly. "This'll teach you." She made not a sound, simply closing her eyes and bracing herself for another impact. It never came. * * * (open romance rp, FxF, description on backstory) Diana tucked her hair behind her ears, attempting to keep it away from her face as she tinkered with a new gadget she was working on. She sat at a desk within the astronomy tower; the professor had let her stay for the quiet and perhaps forgot she was there. She wasn’t complaining, of course; she was content to stay in there as long as necessary. That is, until she heard the door begin to creak open. Her heart jumped, and without a second thought, she grabbed her tools and slipped under the table.</details><details>
<summary>RP Rules</summary>
age range: 15-17 genres: action, adventure, romance (slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers) ratings: PG, PG-14 NO CONTROLLING MY OC'S!!</details>
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