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"What do you want to be when you grow up?" "Kind," Charlie Mackesy

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Hey everyone! I'm glad you're taking the time to read my backstory.

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I'm working on my backstory...!

First, some things you should know about me:

1. I'm Claustrophobic
2. I won't be online loads coz of school
3. Please don't ask me about my private life

Second, I'd love to do RPS with you, but please either post on my wall or owl me. Thank you soooo much.

Shoutouts to...

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Ester Granger
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My Signature quotes:
"Dark times lie ahead of us and there will be a time when we must choose between what is easy and what is right." Albus Dumbledore

"You can control it, Credence'
"I don't think I want to, Mr Graves,"

- Graves and Credence

"I'm so small," said the mole. "Yes," said the boy. "But you make a huge difference."

-From The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy.

"I will be kind, I will be brave, I will be unstoppable."

- Lottie Pumpkin, from the Rosewood Chronicles by Connie Glynn.

My Favourite books:

Harry Potter
JK Rowling
My all time favourite. Duh.

The boy, the mole, the fox and the Horse
Charlie Mackesy
It's inspirational and awesome.

The Rosewood Chronicles
Connie Glynn

The Nevermoor series
Jessica Townsend
For all you people out there who love Harry Potter, you just have to read this.

About me:
Name: Serephina Ashwind Black but it's just Ash
Age: 11
Birthday: 5th December, 2008. Sagittarius!
House: Slytherdor? Or Gryffinrin?
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Greenish amber
Patrons: Dragon
Werewolf and Metamorphmagus

Signature Spell:
Expecto Patronum

My RP characters:

Serephina Ashwind - Black

Full name: Serephina Ashwind - Black, but Ash is fine.
Blood Status: Half-Blood
House: Gryffindor
Hair: Auburn with crimson streaks
Eyes: Green - Amber, sometimes flashing violet.
Defining features: Birthmark in the shape of a dragon on her neck, a scar on her hand in the shape of a wolf.
Personality: Kind, Brave, Fearless, Confident, Smart, Friendly, Fierce, Loyal-to -the-end.
Nationality: British
Patronus: Dragon
Parents: Sirius Black, Daciana Ashwind * Died when Ash was 9 *
Were-wolf, bitten at the age of 9

I am Serephina Ashwind-Black, but it's just Ash. I grew up in Grimmauld Place with my mother and father, until they both died for the Order of the Phoenix. It's a long story. Anyway, after that I grew up on my own, teaching myself how to live and play Quidditch, trying out the occasional spell. When I got my Hogwarts letter, I was overjoyed. Well, overjoyed about the letter. Not about the fact that the owl pecked me half to death to wake me up. Well, anyway, I was sorted into Gryffindor, just like my parents. I made myself a case quite like Newt Scamander's and I keep lots of creatures in there, like Silver, my Peruvian opaleye, and the occasional niffler. I love Quidditch, and always sneak out past curfew, either to the Forbidden Forest or sneaking out into the hallways. I just loooooooove to cause trouble, and following in my dad's footsteps.

( Ash is my main OC )

Amber North
Full name: Amber North
Blood status: pure blood
Nationality: British
House: Gryffindor
Hair: flaming red
Eyes: Amber, the coulor of danger
Metamorpagus, werewolf, assassin.

Liliana Wolfson. Lili for short.
Full name: Liliana Wolfson
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: Half Welsh, half German.
Defining features: a small mark she drew above her left eye in the shape of a lily.
House: Depends on RP.
Lili sometimes has a breakdown, when she collapses completely for a few hours or even days.

Hi! I am Liliana Wolfson, daughter of Robyn Pitkin and Raphael Wolfson. My mother died from a blood malediction when I was 7, and my father remarried my step mother, Violet Brink. She's been looking for an excuse to kick me out of the house for ages. When I got my Hogwarts letter though, she didn't want me to go because I've been ill. I sometimes collapse and have a complete breakdown, and apparently it can be fatal. My stepmother wanted to tell StMungos, but my father forbid it. So I went to Hogwarts, and was sorted into Gryffindor (( it depends on the rp, but sometimes I'm a Hufflepuff )), although I sat with the Sorting Hat for ages. I enjoy my time at Hogwarts, and my collapses have been lowered to around once or twice a month.

Saskia Alcroft
Full name: It's just Saskia Alcroft.
Blood Status: Unknown
Nationality: British
House: Depends...
Hair:Ebony Black, hardly lower than her chin.
Eyes: Well, technically eye. She wears a small eye patch on her left eye, due to the fact that it is bright yellow. Her normal eyes is green, though.

Axel Claw
Full Name: Axel Claw
Blood Status: Half-Blood
House: Ravenclaw
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Deep Blue
Defining Features: werewolf scar on his neck
Personality: Kind, Shy, Observant
Patronus: Wolf
Werewolf, bitten at the age of 6

It's Axel here! I am Axel Claw, and I'm really shy. I love the peace and quite, and like to spend my time in the library. I love reading, and there aren't a lot of books that I haven't read. People call me a need, or a geek, and once they've found out about me being a werewolf, I'm a monster. I am kind to people I care about, although I am stony with people I am not familiar with. I was sorted into Ravenclaw almost immediately. I love it at Hogwarts, but I always go home for the holidays.

--- My "Safe Haven" OCs ---

Name: Robyn, Robyn Hunter
Criminal, assassin, theif, escapologist.
Appearance: Ebony black hair, piercing yellow eyes, pale skin. Has a scar diagnolly across her face.
Personality: Quick-witted, smart, silver-tongued, rough, wild, can be pretty savage.

Name: Anastasia San Martin
People who are close to me call me Ani
Appearance: Long mahogany hair, blue eyes like ice, smells like cinnamon.
Personality: Curt, sharp, kind to those she is familiar with.

My RP starters:

1. Ash was standing in the corner of Platform 9 3/4. She was watching other students from the shadows, her old trunk in hand. She leaned against the cold wall, waiting until a last-minute call. She felt someone watching her, and turned around, only to find herself looking at one of the other Hogwarts Students

2. Ash ran quickly through the forest, not making a sound. Her white wolf Accalia ran beside her, like a white shadow. Her bow was in hand, and a quiver full of arrows on her back. Suddenly, she thought she heard someone. She stopped, listening. She was about to carry on walking when a twig snapped. Shoot. If someone found her, she was in trouble, big time. It could be a student. Or a prefect. Or the Head Girl. Or Head Boy. Or in the worst possible case, a professor. She pushed her auburn hair out of her greenish amber eyes. " Who's there? " She called clearly, her voice carrying on the wind.

3. Faster. She had to run faster. She risked a look behind herself, and in that moment she saw silver. Then everything stopped. The world went red, then black.

When Ash woke up, she found herself chained to a chair, inside a cell. It was dark, lit by the smallest lamp hanging from the ceiling. She couldn't move. A sort of plaque read: Experiment #1722, Serephina Ashwind, Age 14. Shapeshifter. She looked up at the ceiling, exasperated. She'd been caught, caged, and now she was stuck. She had to get out of here, but the chains weren't budging. She heard footsteps, the soft padding of two people. She flicked her wolf ears, but the could only catch the words, 'Dangerous', 'Shifter', and 'Experiment'. Suddenly, the door opened, and two people came in. It was a thin lipped woman, holding a stack of files in her arms, her dark eyes glinting evilly. "She's all yours," She said to the person beside her, and then left the room, the door clicking shut behind her. Ash watched the person carefully, every movement. They were getting closer. Ash had run out of ideas. And she screamed.

4. Saskia Alcroft curled her knees tightly into a ball, shivering slightly from the London's cold. She only wore rags and an old, too-tight jacket while she sat on the streets. On normal days, she begged for Monday and got about a pound, on hard day's, she pickpocketed. She looked like your classic street rat: left on the streets as a kid, somehow doesn't die, messy black hair that doesn't grow past your chin and wearing an eyepatch on her eye-that-isnt-blue. And there you go, she looks like a classic street rat. She is a classic street rat. Except for one thing. She's an obscurial.

One day, as she sat on the roadside, somehow avoiding death at the middle of the night, a group of drunk me walked right out of the nearby Inn. They didn't seem to notice her, until the whole group stopped abruptly. Then they began sneering and jeering at her, although that just bounced off. She was used to it. And then one of them spat at her, right in the face. No one spits on Saskia's face and gets away with it. No one. Suddenly she was about to stand and punch th when she felt something.... Else. It mixed with her anger and then she was a swirling dark mass, destroying everything and anything in her path. She flew around the city, making crators in the streets, her rage and that something else taking over her.
she stopped abruptly. What was she doing? Unexpectrdly, she found herself back in the street, the men were gone. Destroyed.

She sat in the same place for a week, hardly daring to show her face. Then, in the evening when the street was supposedly empty, a pair of feet walked towards her. Whoever it was kneeled down, and said, "Hello, there,"
It was...

5. Amber North, assassin and Metamorphmagus, was leaping from roof to roof, her flaming red hair swept back by the wind. She clutched her wand, and prayed that there weren't any Aurors or Hitwizards or anyone watching her. After awhile, she slowed down. Her leaps were less graceful, and sometimes she had to scramble on the roofs to make sure she didn't fall. Out of the blue, a hand reached up and grabbed her ankle, pulling her into a dark alleyway. She landed, but she couldn't see anyone. She leaned down, rubbing her ankle. It was broken. She stood up, leaning on the wall. "Anyone here?" She yelled, feeling stupid.

If anyone wants to rp, post on my wall or owl me please! Thank you!


About the Houses
Hufflepuff is tea and sweaters.
Hufflepuff is punching someone in the face because they need to shut up, calm down, or get the sense knocked into them.
Hufflepuff is spring, seeing winter melting away and basking in the sunlight.
Hufflepuff is singing loudly to Journey and Queen.
Hufflepuff is having the messiest room and yet knowing exactly where to find everything.
Hufflepuff is “there’s no such thing as too much chocolate”.
Hufflepuff is one too many glasses of champagne so the world feels like sunshine.
Hufflepuff is honestly not giving a damn what anyone else thinks.
Hufflepuff is prank wars that spiral out of control.
Hufflepuff is loneliness, is the intense desire for friendship.
Hufflepuff is having to deal with derision and scorn.
Hufflepuff is loyalty placed in the wrong ideal, loving the wrong person.
Hufflepuff is drowning in emotions that bring panic attacks
Hufflepuff is getting shit done while everyone else argues.
Hufflepuff is refusing to fit into the mold, which results in hufflepunks.
Hufflepuff is staying up till three am to talk someone out of depression, out of suicide, out of something stupid, convincing them how amazing and how loved they are.
Hufflepuff is loyalty, is true friendship, not the plastic My Little Pony stuff but the true friendship.
Hufflepuff is the first ones to get Netflix running at Hogwarts, despite magical interference.

Ravenclaw is winter peace and blizzards.
Ravenclaw is the beauty of white snow against evergreens and a baby blue sky.
Ravenclaw is the sharpness and cutting edge of a cold breeze, the glint of a metal blade.
Ravenclaw is the silence of a library, lost completely in a world of ink and screens and words.
Ravenclaw is a glass of wine and an old friend.
Ravenclaw is martial arts and street smart.
Ravenclaw is always asking why.
Ravenclaw is pages filled with writing and doodles and diagrams.
Ravenclaw is telling dirty jokes in code so no one can tell why you’re laughing so hard you can’t breathe, and the teacher can’t read the notes you were passing in class.
Ravenclaw is failing a class because you couldn’t be bothered to read or do homework, it was too boring and you had other things.
Ravenclaw is challenging the status-quo and saying “there’s always another option”.
Ravenclaw is citrus and a stash of junk food that you always seem to eat right away.
Ravenclaw is learning a new language because you want to.
Ravenclaw is an innocent face that can hide the dirtiest mind.
Ravenclaw is a pile of books that you’ll read - you will, you promise - one day.
Ravenclaw is looking up and saying “hell, when did it get to be three thirty AM”, and you have classes in five hours but decide that staying up another half hour won’t hurt.
Ravenclaw is love that happens slowly, like creeping ivy, till one day you wake up and realize it’s ensnared you tightly and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
Ravenclaw is addiction, to coffee, to drugs, to sweets, anything to get that clarity and that swooping feeling.
Ravenclaw is coldness, is locking away resentment to fester, is “revenge is a dish best served cold”.
Ravenclaw is shutting up and never ever asking for help, because you’re smart enough, capable enough to handle it. Because you have to.

Slytherin is fall evenings, the air crisp but not cold, the setting sun revealing autumn beauty before darkening to show a million billion stars in the indigo inky sky.
Slytherin is when the air smells like cloves and cinnamon and smoke from the crackling bonfire.
Slytherin is apple pie with vanilla ice cream.
Slytherin is a glass of golden scotch.
Slytherin is finding comfort in jeans and a leather jacket, dying your hair and tattoos that are like artwork.
Slytherin is pride in your heritage, in what it took to get you here.
Slytherin is the warm blossom of accomplishment in your chest.
Slytherin is tall boots and long scarves.
Slytherin is the person you’d trust with anything and everything, the one you love above all else, the one you’d kill for.
Slytherin is not being afraid of the dark, but remembering that night heals.
Slytherin is musky forests and the steady soothing rainfall.
Slytherin is sarcasm and wit.
Slytherin is determination in the face of fear.
Slytherin is talking your way out of situations to keep those you love safe.
Slytherin is the love that shows itself quietly from day to day, with quiet brushes and unsaid favors, but that rears up in fury to defend if necessary.
Slytherin is the dark side, the morally ambiguous, the race to the finish line for whatever it is you desire, shoving others aside because you have to.
Slytherin is locking yourself in a shadowed corner and curling up, because it’s too much… it’s too much… and wiping the tears and standing anyway, head held high because you can’t stop now, and you can’t show weakness.

Gryffindor is summer, cloudless blue skies and endless green fields.
Gryffindor is adrenaline highs and truth or dare.
Gryffindor is bright red lipstick and cologne that makes heads turn.
Gryffindor is parties that go all night.
Gryffindor is fireworks exploding in the sky.
Gryffindor is standing up to anyone, friend, foe, or stranger, to tell them they’re wrong.
Gryffindor is throwing your friend a beer and jumping on their lap to take a nap.
Gryffindor is the love of horror games.
Gryffindor is steak and burgers, Gryffindor is spicy curry.
Gryffindor is taking the risk, making the leap, no matter the odds.
Gryffindor is raising your hand in class.
Gryffindor is passionate love, whether it be romantic, platonic, or otherwise, that sees no difference in a hand picked wildflower and a diamond necklace as long as it makes the recipient happy.
Gryffindor is defending, even if it’s defending someone you hate against someone you love, because Gryffindor stands up for what is right.
Gryffindor is recklessness, the uncontrollable emotion, the carelessness with laws and rules.
Gryffindor is choosing the ‘morally correct’ option even if it means more are hurt.
Gryffindor is solving things brashly, physically, and only making everything worse.

Hufflepuffs are not weak.
Ravenclaws are not heartless.
Gryffindors are not arrogant.
Slytherins are not evil

( I got this stuff from Steluvius Serpens Black, so credits to him. )
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