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"So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?"

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Also I only do FxF or MxM since I do believe FxM sounds boring and not that Interesting so sorry if you were wanting to do that!!



In case the site goes down!!

Email: sweetpeach.rpemail@gmail.com 

Pinterest: @sweetpeachrpemail

Discord: Sweet_Peaches#6726


About Myself outside HiH!!

[Been, roleplaying since 2014]



Gracie Ava-Rose Archer


Star Sign




Sweet, Kind, Bubbly, Protective, Honest, Loyal, Happy-Go-Lucky, Roving, and Trustworthy.


Favorite Song’s:

🍑 Good Grief- Bastille [Ultimate Favorite!]

🍑 My Boo- Usher

🍑 Reaper- Knox Hill

🍑 WaterMelon Sugar High- Harry Styles

🍑 As it Was Harry Styles

🍑 Mockingbird- Eminem

🍑 Won’t Back Down- Eminem, Ft. Pink

🍑 Kid I Used To Know- Arrested Youth


Moodboard: [Made By myself!!]


Original Character Information:

Fandom: Conjuring

–  Madeline Elizabeth Warren



Stephanie Ella-May Johnson



Fandom: Walking Dead [Tv Show]

Adrian Grimes



Mason Elliott Greene



Starter Section:

[Click Here to see Starter’s]



Rules Information:

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  • Don’t Spam,as I’m a human Being and have a busy life outside HiH so I might not be the right way to get your response so please keep that In Mind!

  • I’m fine with whatever, as I have no Triggers but if you do and you find something uncomfortable during our Rp let me know and we can skip over it!!

  • Have Fun with it, it's Rp after all use whatever surprises you’d like, since anything Can Happen in the Rp world!!

  • Help write the story as I wont be doing all the action and romance by myself as it gets really annoying whenever someone doesn’t help with it as I might as well write it by myself.

  • Write a paragraph whenever you reply to the story as I will not accept one-liners ever please!!

  • </ol>

    If I don’t Reply here are some reasons why I don't spam!!

    - Sick.

    - Working.

    - On Vacation.

    - Just Don’t Want to Reply at the moment.

    - Or I just don’t know what to say.

    - Birthdays

    - Meetings


    Never Do in Roleplay:

    – Human x Anything

    – Adoption Rp

    – Double Rp


    Fandom Information:

    [I know more but these are what I know the best!]

    – Harry Potter

    – Chronicles of Narnia

    – Umbrella Academy

    – The Witcher

    – Fast and Furious

    – Conjuring [Series]

    – The Nun

    – Maze Runner


    Muggle Information:

    [I can do whatever but here’s some I know!]

    – Enemies to Lovers

    – Friends to Lovers

    – Criminal x FBI Agent

    – Mother x Daughter

    – Father x Son

    – Priestess x Servant

    – Kidnapped x Kidnapper

    – Yandere! x Anything

    – Forbidden Rp





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