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Arithmancer to be / Roleplayer

"I don't wanna be modern art, but I only have half a heart to give to you. And I hope it's enough"

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Time Zone: New Jersey - USA

~OCs introduction (in progress)
          - Finn -
          - Jade -
          - Sophie -
          - Tani -
          - Dex -
          - Ed -
          - Jim -
          - Nate -

~Roleplay rules
     -No god-mooding
     -No Mary Sues, no Gary Stues. Don't come with that
     shit, sweetie
     -Don't control my OC
     -Try to have good grammar and punctuation. We all
     have bugs, okay?, but make it readable
     -Write as much as possible. I won't take less than ten
     lines unless it's a fluent conversation. I don't take
     one-liners in ANY circumstances. Write me a thought,
     a phisical description, a tic, anything. You can ask me
     for help if you ran out of ideas, but please write
     -I can do 1° or 3° person. Tell before we start
     -If I take a while to reply I'm not ghosting
     -If you want to change things or end the roleplay tell
     me. If we don't both enjoy it, it doesn't make sense
     -Totally fine with swearing, but if it's one of your
     triggers I won't use it or I'll use asterisks (*)
     -We won't fuck
     -I'm fine with kissing and sex innuendo (being
     exhausted after sex, waking up in the same bed,
     some sly phrase, etc)
     -Not dating outside the rp! But you can always
     post on my wall as your character
     -I don't play canon characters, just OCs
     -Triggers: explicit sucide, incest, explicit rape
     (if it's in the backstory it is fine), god-modding,
     explicit sucide, you controlling my OC, and the
     fucking one liners (a crime, imao)
     -Thematics: Harry Potter, Camp Half-Blood, Muggle,
     Mafia, Pirates, Narnia, Magic, Medieval, KotLC
     and Science Fiction
     -I prefer mysteries and adventure, romance is
     You can owl me or post on my wall for rp!

~Wall rules
     -Sometimes I will post some starters. You can
     participate, or post your own!
     -You can post public rps, I don't mind
     -I'm always down for talking or saying 'hello!'
     -If you need help with a real problem, owls only
     -No spam, or hate to any kind of people
     -I don't want myself in the middle of a fight, so don't
     even try

~About me
     she/her   or   he/him     (not inclusive, please)
     -My name is Finella. I like it Finn, Nel or Nella (ask)
     -I'm a christian. I don't try to instill my beliefs in
     people. Do the same
     -I was born in Italy, but I've lived in USA most of my
     -English / Español / Italiano
     -IRL I'm a minor at the moment
     -Female / Bisexual
     -I'm a fan of Narnia. Not just movies, also books and
     other stuff. It gets kinda creepy sometimes, unless
     you like it too
     -I quote a lot lot lot, specially Disney movies (my
     whole life, lol), but also Friends and Brooklyn
     Nine-nine. I have a serious problem. ("Title of your
     sex tape")
     -I'm a dancer
     -I really love to sing
     -I try to be happy 'cause I like to see people smiling
     -My favorite subjects at HiH are Transfiguration,
     DADA, Herbology, Arithmancy, Potions, Charms and
     History of Magic
     -My favorite subjects at real world are Maths, Drama,
     Chemistry, Art, Music, Dance, Literature, and Myths 

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