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Hewo humans. I am pleased to meet chu all. Ta ta till next time!! -Author potato.

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I got a few characters. Kirran is the one I mostly use since he is the favorite. So he is the only one with a back story. But I got some others if you like them!

Kirran’s background
I have a huge imagination and I sometimes make friends with the wrong people but I will try to still be nice to everyone. I don’t want to be judged since my mom was a witch but my dad was a werewolf. I have ears and tail and can turn into a full werewolf. just know I am still a awesome and cool person! I like dogs and sometimes act like one. I am a bit short but I still try to make up for it with my fury. I don’t mind if you tease me, just know I do have a limit. Often I joke around and I make tons of inside jokes. I like to laugh and smile even though it might get boring. I don’t like being alone though. I really don’t like it. I believe I have a fear of being abandoned or forgotten. It is a part of me but I am okay with it. Just, talk to me and I can try to promise you won’t regret it!

Kirran’s profile
Name: Kirran Solaris
Nickname: ki (his best friends)
House: Hufflepuff
Gender: Male
Sexuality: pansexual
Looks: Brown hair with blue eyes. He has peach skin and can be seen wearing random clothes.
Family: unknown (his best friends are Alex, Luke, hidden, rose, galaxy, and Cressida Murphy.)
Relationship: single? (Someone get this boy a lover)
Main quote: “it’s either that I’m a dead, or I’m alive but dying inside.”

Alex’s profile
Name: Alexander Leo wilms
Nickname: Alex (everyone), puppy (siblings and friends), alc (closest friends plus siblings)
House: Hufflepuff
Gender: Male
Sexuality: pansexual
Looks: brown hair with brown eyes. He has tan skin. And normally is seen in a blue hoodie.
Family: Jake (hidden), Lilly (galaxy), rose, and Luke
Personality: kind, loyal, funny, a bit crazy
Something you should know: often Alex puts people before himself and that causes him to not think well of him self. He does things without thinking as well and that gets him in trouble.
Relationship: Single. (And open for date ;3 -Alex)

Hidden’s profile
Name: Jake wilms
Nickname: hidden (everyone calls him that. He rarely is called by his real name. The only ones who know his real name are luke and Alex)
House: griffindor
Gender: male
Sexuality: gay
Looks: brown hair and is normally wearing a brown hoodie.
Family: Alex, Luke, rose, Lilly (Galaxy)
Personality: secretive, kind, caring, loyal, calm.
Something you should know: he never takes his hood off. And if he does it’s in private. He wears hats as well but no one but alex and Luke have seen under his hood/hat.
Relationship: single
Main quote: “I am surrounded by idiots.”

Luke’s profile
Name: Lucas ray wilms
Nickname: Luke (everyone) and insaner (funny nickname given to by siblings)
House: Ravenclaw
Gender: male
Sexuality: unknown
Looks: brown messy hair with almost white skin and black eyes. He has Pretty big eye bags as well.
Family: Alex, Jake (hidden), Lilly (galaxy), and rose
Personality: sarcastic, insomniac, Crazy, (but if friends or close) kind, loyal, funny, and caring
Something you should know: like hidden he never takes his good/hat off. He also speaks backward due to a mishap that happened when he born. He doesn’t like to speak much because he can’t speak right. He can understand what other people normally.
Relationship: single. (Maybe? We think he is)
Main quote: “LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Galaxy’s POV
Name: Lilly wilms
Nickname: galaxy
House: Hufflepuff
Gender: female
Sexuality: bisexual
Looks: long blond hair and purple eyes
Family: Alex, Luke, rose, and hidden.
Personality: caring, kind, loyal, and a romantic
Something you should know: she is a huge people pleaser so she often will do things for others even if she doesn’t want to.
Relationship: single
Main quote: “no. Just, no.”

Rose’s profile
Name: rose wilms
Nickname: fury (a joke between her siblings)
House: griffindor
Gender: female
Sexuality: asexual
Looks: Long brown hair and black eyes
Family: Galaxy, hidden, Alex, and Luke
Personality: hardcore, brave, caring, funny, loyal, sarcastic, strong, easy to tick off.
Something you should know: she may seem like she is mean and rude or brave but really she just is really insecure and is only trying to make sure who she is being mean to can fight back and won’t take anything.
Relationship: single.
Main quote: “SCREW YOU!!”

Miles’s profile
Name: Miller
Nickname: miles (everyone)
House: Slytherin
Gender: male
Sexuality: pan and poly
Looks: Messy short black hair with emerald green eyes
Family: Unknown.
Personality: flirty, brave, bold, a bit selfish, a little perverted, rude when angry, loyal, honest, and caring
Something you should know: He may flirt a lot but he only does it to see if people can move past his flirty side. But he is a nice and helpful person past his flirts. He also loves to make bets and such
Relationship: single (and ready to mingle)
Main quote: “See you idiots!”

Sami’s profile
Name: Samuel
Nickname: Sami
House: Ravenclaw
Gender: gender fluid
Sexuality: pan sexual
Looks: short boy with dirty blond hair. He had glasses and light blue eyes.
Family: “th-they all died...” -Sami
Personality: he is a caring person but he is almost always crying. His emotions are higher then normal people so he can change quickly. He is loyal but very smart and quick to decide when he needs to.
Something you need to know: no one knows who he really is on the inside. He can be hurt very easily but never takes it to heart. He hates it when people treat him differently because if his unstable emotions.
Relationship: single
Main quote: “I am okay though... don’t worry.”

Angel’s profile
Name: Angel
Nickname: dark lord (Alex), ang (almost everyone)
House: Slytherin
Gender: female
Sexuality: lesbian
Looks: long blond hair with emerald green eyes
Family: unknown
Personality: she is a tricky and sweet girl. She is honest, loving, and helpful. But her name gives her injustice. She can be cruel, mean, horrible, and selfish.
Something you need to know: she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Do not underestimate her.
Relationship: single
Main quote: “I don’t bite! Much...”

honorary mentions:
Brandon thellis;
You may be older then me, but are as much fun as a 10 year old! Your always gonna be a boomer to me tho XD Your gonna be my mijito forever tho and nothing will stop your Hispanic grandfather :3

Alex shreave <3:
Dude. You are the best. I love rping with you and you are awesome! Please follow them or at least talk to them once. They can make a story go anywhere.

He is my senpai and nothing will change it. Never knew why I think he is awesome, but he just is.

cherry coke:
there are no works that can describe how grateful i am because i met you. you were mostly there for me when i needed someone to rant to or just to make me smile when i feel like i can't. your the weird waffle as i am the pancake. thank you so so so much for everything. i know i would not be here today if you didn't say yes to role playing with me. you are amazing, funny, sweet, and all around amazing person. i hope that you have a amazing life and you get everything you ever wanted.

Liam baker:
Every time I rp with you, it’s always fun to see where a small idea can go. Also you use more then just one character so it amazes me how your able to make them seem so different.

Mia granger:
MA SISTERRRR!!! I WUV YOUUUUUUUU :3 also ur awesome.

Kia goldstone & other OCs:
WE ARE THE GAY BEACONS!!!!!! Your the best by the way :3 You are too awesome and beautiful!! LET ME LOVE YOUUUU!!!

❁J.J. Shaw, sad angel❁:
You are awesome. Thank you. I bow to your glory. Your nice to talk to.

Kate Elm & OCs:
You are sweet and beautiful. You’re my queen now.

More about me (author-potato or Leo.) :
Hi!!! I’m a idiot kid who doesn’t know what their doing.
I’m pansexual like most of my characters, I have a boyfriend myself so YEEEEE!!! (Some of y’all might remember me talkin bout the lovely boy)
I’m a transgender male who is still wishing for surgery or a binder. I am also a huge weeb for a bunch of random things.
I am a cosplayer who dresses up as anime characters, characters I made, and most of all, DIPPER PINES CAUSE I LOVE HIM!!! <3
I go by Leo or author-potato.
And I’m forgetting something...
OH YEAH!! I’m a Texas born in a family full of Mexicans. I speak Spanish and English, and I’m learning Japanese and French. I often will write words in Spanish instead of English because I don’t know what the English version is. I also think that some Spanish words are what they are on English because Spanish was the first language I was taught.

If you ever want to rp with me, tell me who you would like to rp with.
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