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Status: Lexi-Single but nervous Jess-Single and ready to mingle bby

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[Therefore I am]

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☽Name: Lexi Griffin

☽Gender: Female

☽Sexuality: Straight

☽Looks: Bright green eyes, Curly long blonde hair, some freckles, and my smile is mostly a smirk. i have a couple of small tattoos on my arms and legs

☽Hight: 5'2

☽Personality: Lexi is rude or cocky when you first meet her then she warms up to you, she is known as a charmer, and she's very flirty. Most girls hate her due to her seeming to cause a lot of breakups but that doesn't bother her.

☽House: I was put in Hufflepuff but I believe I should be in Slytherin

☽Extra: I like people who like me and hate people who hate me. Mostly a rude bitch But if you're my friend I'm the most loyal person ever.

☽zodiac sign: Gemini

☽Family: Jess (Sister), Emily (daughter)

☽Personality Trait: ESFP (The Performer)

☽Fun Fact: I HATE shoes XD and I speak french!

☽Likes: Cuddles, talking, singing, and swimming

☽Dislikes: Fake people, Spiders, and the dark XD

Jessica Griffin

Personality: ditsy, kinda out of it, crazy and funny

looks: she has brown hair and blue eyes and super long straight hair

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship: Single

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